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Daimei Healthy Footwasher

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Footwashing brush HEALTHY FOOT WASHER Healthy foot washer Passion orange
What is Healthy Foot Washer? It is a plastic "foot wash brush" with elasticity that takes care of the sole in the bath. Easy to use. Just put soap and body soap, put your feet in and out between the upper and lower brushes! Fix the sucker on the back to the floor, you can easily wash it by just moving the foot back and forth. A brush of moderate softness gets a pleasant stimulation from the foot to the kakato. Like a lie like the tusks of the first brush, like a lie, a bit of a refreshing feeling addictive to when washing with a hand!

Healthy foot washer point [point 1] Drops the old horny and odor of the soles of the foot. [point 2] Clean from the cock to your fingertips, also to prevent athlete's foot. [point 3] Massaging improves metabolism, even for detoxification.

In order to improve foaming, apply hot water enough.

Apply soap or body soap to feet and items.Sit in a stable place, move both feet back and forth to wash.After use, wash it, stick it to the wall with a suction cup or hang it with a hook hole to dry.

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I am concerned about odor of feetKakato's horny body is rustlingMy legs gloomyLegs are hard to wash

Commitment of Healthy Foot Washer

Wash thoroughly from the rugged fingers to the toes of the feet with upper and lower brushes. Massage while washing with plastic brush of reasonable length & hardness. After use, paste on the wall with a suction cup on the backside, or hook on the hole and let it dry. Because it contains antimicrobial agent, you can use it cleanly

[Product specifications] Material: Elastomer (heat resistant temperature 60 degrees) Size: Free sideways 25 x length 28.5 x thickness 6.5 (cm) Producing countries: Japan

"Commitment ① brush" It is made of resin like rubber. Moderate elastic brush with reasonable length. "Precision ② Uneven part" Massage while washing the arch with the convex part at the center of the brush. The long and short brush fits perfectly in the shape of the foot. "Precious ③ sucker" When using the suction cup on the back, it is fixed to the floor. After use you can paste it on the wall and drain it.

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Precautions on use ● Please do not use it while standing. ● If your feet have skin disorders, please consult your doctor before use. ● Because there is a risk of deformation of products, please stop using hot water. ● There are several short brushes, but it is the part for injecting elastomer resin. There is no problem in use. ● There is a possibility that the left and right fastening parts may be torn, so please be careful not to overly insert your feet too far.

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