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CYBERDESK XTOP 1.0 - Advanced Portable Desk for Laptop

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$71.99 $89.99
Qty: XTOP 1.0 - Advanced Portable Desk for Laptop Computers, Gravity  Defying Mobile Desk for Laptops - for use While Standing, Walking Around,  Sitting, Reclining or Lying in Bed (Silver) : Electronics


Standing, Walking, Working, At School... Your Laptop Stays With You!


XTop offers superior protection and holds your laptop securely.  No more dropped laptops!  Plus the clamps and surfaces are designed so they won't damage or scratch your laptop.


XTop is adjustable to fit ANYONE!  The weight of the laptop is carried away from the body so you barely feel the weight.  Plus it can be worn on the side or front, so even busy technicians can wear it!

Fit your laptop & deploy
Quick setup

Step 1: Put your device on the flat surface and move the lower end into the flaps. Raise the flaps to fit by turning the knobs below clockwise; then tighten the knobs once the laptop is in place. Also adjust the retainer clip on the top left corner; Then close the laptop.

  • Adjust the retainer clip on the top left corner so that the tip holds down the edge of the laptop. Move it up & down using the knurled knobs.

  • See the different styles of positioning the retainer clip below.

Step 2: Push the flat surface forward until the trap appears, then pull the inner cover backward until it reaches the end and flip it open to release the strap as shown in the picture. Adjust the strap to your waist size for a tight fit. Bring the strap around your waist and buckle up. You can choose to start with this step.

  • Note: The inner cover doesn't open midway, it has to reach completely the back end before it can be flipped opened.

  • To convert to a laptop stand, pull the white tab to release the leg (desk must remain folded - extend the leg and put it on a flat surface)

Step 3: Bring the strap around your waist and buckle up. You can then release both hands. Slide the platform to your desirable position.

Note: Use the front knob (shown below) to lock the position or reduce the sliding of the platform.


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