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Contros - Control Appliances Anywhere

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45 $45.00


The Contros is a Wi-Fi timer that enables you to set timers and turn your home appliances on/off from iOS/Android phone anytime from anywhere. 



With easy-to-use features, everyone has the chance to enjoy the smart life brought by the Contros as the promotion price starts from only US$6!



Smaller, but smarter. The Contros is half the size of iPhone 5s which is the smallest smart plug with night light in the world! 




Designed with a simple interface, you can turn your devices on and off through one-button control. The usually complicated timer tasks are made easy by the user-friendly interface.




Mum taps the screen of her smartphone to remotely turn off the light, so that her sleeping baby won’t be woken up.


Set the coffee machine to work at 7 am every morning, so that people can enjoy a hot coffee after getting up.


The Contros enables you to set the countdown timer to turn off your electric cooker. No more thick porridge and burnt pasta!


Based on the timer setup, the router will be automatically turned off, so that people can enjoy a good sleep without being exposed to harmful radiation.

Set the repeater time to make the electric watering device periodically water the flowers for you, effectively saving your time and energy.



As a protection against would-be thieves, the Contros can turn on your lamp randomly by setting the random timer.


Overcharging smartphones will significantly reduce their battery life. The Contros automatically stops charging when the battery is full.

Equipped with a mini night light, the Contros can light your way when you go to bed at night. This is also featured in the timer setup function. 


 You can benifit from powerful functions at a super lower price now! So what are you waiting for?!


Are you still wasting time setting up your traditional outlet timer? If so, the Contros is the solution to your problem! With a stable performance, it enables you to automate and control your home appliances. More importantly, the price is even cheaper than the traditional outlet timer.


  Stable performanceThe prior versions of the SP series reached over 500,000 homes which accumulated a huge customer base. As the 4th generation product, the Contros is a reliable product with stable performance.

  Secure informationThe “Lock device” function, effectively prevents your devices from being controlled by other people.

  Reliability: Available with US and EU plug types with TUV certification, the Contros is designed with fire resistant PC material and tested with over 50,000 switches life time.




•Download the free BroadLink “e-Control” App from the Apple App Store/Google Play.

  Plug the Contros into the power outlet, making sure the Wi-Fi LED is flashing rapidly before proceeding to the configuration mode.

  Enter the password of your Wi-Fi network on the configuration page, tap“Configure” to connect your devices to the WLAN.

  Control your devices from anywhere.




We provide you two plug types of the Contros for your requirement. For customers using US and EU standards, we will ship you the Contros with a corresponding plug type according to your shipping address. Customers can also remark in the order the type from the above 2 options. We apologize for the inconvenience that the Contros is not available for more types of socket. Your understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.

| Supports


What smartphones does Contros work with?

Contros works with iPhone4/4s/5/5c/5s with iOS6 or above and most of Android phones with Android 2.3 or above.


What languages does the app support?

Upon release, the app and instructions will be available in English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. We may offer other languages in the future depends on the market demands worldwide.

How do you ensure the quality?

The quality will be guaranteed from these factors:

1.  Contros will be certified with TUV CE, GS and ETL (pending).

2.  The case is made with high heat resistant materials which is conformed to UL/V0 standard.

3.  The radio will be compliant with the regulation of FCC for best EMC performance.

What's the expected lifetime of products?

We insist to use all world’s best components on our products and the majority of our components have a 10(+) year life expectancy and the switch is built to sustain 50,000 clicks (on/off). Like other electronic products, we offer buyers 1 year warranty but based on our testing results under normal use they can work perfectly for 5 years or more.

| Functionalities


How long the data will be saved?

All data will be saved in your phone storage forever until your phone ends its life. Before changing your phone, you can login to your account and backup your data to the cloud. You can retrieve it on your new phone with the same account.

What is the maximal load for Contros?

The max load for Contros is 16A(EU) / 15A(US)

Can I control devices outside my house?

Yes. You will be able to control devices within different networks – other Internet enabled Wi-Fi network, 3G or 4G, no matter you are at home, in office or traveling.

How many devices can be used within one network?

The network scale depends on the capability of your Wi-Fi router. A traditional Wi-Fi router for home use normally accept 20 to 30 devices and an enterprise class router may accept 40 or more.

Can I control multiple devices at once?

You can group several devices and control them together.

Which plug types does Contros support?

Contros currently comes with plug types for Germany (EU), United States and mainland China.

Other plug types may be considered later.

Does Contros have surge-protection?

Yes. Contros is built in with surge-protection.

What is the power consumption of Contros?

Contros itself consumes less than 1.1W – much less than the power wasted on most of home appliances.

Can more than one phone control the same Contros?

A Contros can be controlled from multiple phones. The status and settings on all the phones are synchronized as the same.

Can anyone hacked into my Contros and control my home appliances?

Your Wi-Fi password is the first security wall for all the devices. Only who knows your Wi-Fi password can access your devices. Also you can select to “lock” your device so it will not be added by any other phones even he is free to use your home Wi-Fi network.

| Technologies


Why Contros uses Wi-Fi technology?

Compared with ZigBee, Z-Wave or 433 MHz wireless technologies, Wi-Fi is already very popular now – Every day you use Wi-Fi everywhere – at home, in office, in coffee shop or even on the street and all smartphones support Wi-Fi.

Can I build my own app for Contros?

We offer open API for developers to build their own apps for Contros. Please contact us to register for the API files and documentations for development.

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