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Recognizing a clear gap in truly smart educational toys, we set out on a journey to redefine the way kids play with their favorite toys. We've built a patent pending technology that allows kids to directly engage in intelligent conversation with their toys. The technology allows toys to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with your child; bringing a new element of personalized, educational play to children.

With your help, we are launching Elemental Path's first product: CogniToys – a cute cuddly dinosaur that is fun, playful and smart.

CogniToys Features:

Speech Enabled - By pressing the belly of the toy, the child can speak directly to it, allowing the child to:

  • Ask thousands of questions and receive age-appropriate answers
  • Give commands to the toy allowing the child to discover hidden talents
  • Hear a number of stories and even create their own stories
  • Tell and listen to knock knock jokes
  • Create a unique personality for the toy that evolves over time based on the child's interaction with the toy

Internet Connected - Our toys are Internet "connected" smart toys, allowing for us to constantly improve the play experience.

Personalized - Each toy will get to know the child and grow with him/her, interacting directly with them to create an experience around each child's personal interests. The toy will explore favorite colors, favorite toys, interests and use these to customize engagement. Even better, the toy has a personality of its own that changes over time.

Educational - Here's the best part: CogniToys create an atmosphere of fun, playful education! Built into the play experience is a number of custom modules that engage the child in educational play. These include rhyming, spelling, vocabulary, mathematics and much more. As the interaction increases so will the challenge of the educational content continuing to become more challenging as the child learns.

How Does it Work?

This is where the tech becomes important. To a child, the experience should be seamless and fun, truly giving their toy a personality that actually engages them in a playful way.

The technology required to accomplish this is very complex. We have created the first truly "connected" toy that is able to reach out to our cloud platform and give back an age appropriate, personalized response to each utterance. We have developed an extremely robust platform that allows this to happen and will continue to evolve long after the first rewards are shipped. As more children use the platform the toy will continue to evolve and the better the experience will become. As we proceed, we will identify even better sources of content and continue to create updates that are fun and educational. 

Stretch Goals:

Kids love colors and kids love choices! The feedback on our green dino has been great but we would love to offer kids additional choices. If we reach $100,000 we will make two new colors available to choose from:


  • What is the age range?

    The toy works best for children 4-7. Older children can still interact and play with the toy.

  • What languages are supported?

    The first product will support English. We hope to add support for additional languages in the future.

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