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Coffret Dor - Contour lip duo

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29.99 $29.99

Image result for コフレドール コントゥアリップデュオ

Image result for コフレドール コントゥアリップデュオ


With shade coloring shadows and light colors with distinctive light colors, it plumps into three-dimensional lips. 
It fits your lips with smooth comfort and soft touch. 
Nudi shade pearl formulation giving natural light and shadow familiar to the lips.
Moisturizing component formulation to protect lips from drying.

  • Hyaluronic acid · water soluble collagen compound (moisturizing)

Usage notes

  • After meals, wipe the lips with tissue paper etc. Please use.
  • After use, please wipe the tip with tissue paper etc. and return it to the container.
  • After use, wipe the mouth of the container cleanly, please tighten the cap properly.

Color variations

01 nudy beige 

Naturally infiltrate the lips, 
A color that produces a three-dimensional effect 

02 Coral Brown 

Universal color that brings warmth to the expression 

03 Deep Red 

It clearly develops color, 
Mature adult-like red 

04 Cassismove 

She took a mysterious purple 
Edge shading color 

05 Burgundy 

Sensual color reminiscent of mature fruit 

06 Sheer Black 

Dramatically black as a mode impression 

EX01 Smoky pink 

Girly punctuated with a sense of dullness Pink 

EX02 Red Yellow 

With Red Yellow 
On the lips of a natural sense of bloodiness 

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    The photograph is the finished image of makeup.

How to use contour lip duo

Good coloring on matte, restrained shiny feeling Tinted with tint and glossy & clear coloring W Brooming sensation that seeps out as it starts using

How to Contour lip duo

Secret lip duo's secret

Make a three-dimensional feeling plumply on a thin, flat face.

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    The photograph is the finished image of makeup.

Contour lip duo 8 species

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