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Clear Clean Kids Toothpaste

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7.99 $7.99

Nice to meet ♪ I'm clean whale! I was born to protect everyone's teeth from dental teeth! Today, I also like to brush my teeth together ♪ Today, I am going out into my place!

The beginning of toothbrush time ~!

"Yosh! Today, I will do it well!" Let's go to the place!

"Everyone's teeth are full of irregularities, so it's easy for you to get dirty, so please do it carefully and carefully." "Oh! Awesome dirt soap!

"But do not let that soil leave me!" I will squeeze out the softness ~ tsubutsu, I will clean up to the gaps! Tsubuzubu seems to get out to the gap ♪ Also watch the movie

"In order to not become a dental tooth, let's hope to have a toothpaste together forever ♪"

To the original white teeth

Clear Clean Whitening

Dental plaque clear with granules

Clear Clean

Product features

Protects teeth and newborn permanent teeth from dental teeth

Ingredients · Attention etc.

Flavor Melon soda flavor
Sales name Clear Clean Kids A6
component Wetting agent: Sorbit liquid, PG 
Base: water viscosity modifier: silicic anhydride, CMC · Na 
Cleaning agent: silicic anhydride, silicon dioxide Flavoring agent: fragrance (melon soda type), saccharin Na 
Calcium supplementation aid: xylitol cleaning aid: carboxymethyl cellulose sodium foaming agent: lauryl sulfate medicinal ingredient: sodium fluoride preservative: paraben coloring agent: blue 1
please note ● Do not use when there are scratches or the like 
● When your child polishes themselves or finishes polishing, they are scattered so that they do not get into eyes. As it may hurt your eyes, rinse thoroughly immediately without scrubbing, consult an ophthalmologist if abnormal remains ● If symptoms such as abnormalities in the mouth, rashes and itching, strong cough tone etc. cease use and consult a doctor To 

> First Aid SOS
Other ◎ Because this product is in the form of granules, please consult the dentist about the use of the implant.
Material of packaging container Cap: PP 
Tube: PE , PET 
Film: PE , PP
Country of origin Made in Japan
About posted information ※ It is based on the information displayed on the product.(The green letter is supplementary information) 
※ The latest Kao product display contents are posted, but depending on the situation, the latest product may be shipped before updating. 
* Even when listening with reading software, characters may be added to the text so that the information does not run out.

Clinica Kid's Toothpaste

Clinica Kid's Toothpaste

"Fluorine" + "Enzyme" 
To a strong tooth not defeated by mushroom teeth

  • Left: Strawberry flavor 60 g
  • Medium: grape flavor 60 g
  • Right: Peach flavor 60 g

© Disney

Medicated toothpaste

Sales name: Children clinica F

Producing country: Japan

Adopted three popular flavors for children and a cute Disney character package."Fluorine" strengthens the tooth structure, "Enzyme" is a medicated toothpaste that prevents mushroom teeth by decomposing and removing dental plaque (plaque).

Product features

Fluorine blending.It promotes remineralization of teeth, strengthens the tooth structure, and prevents mushroom teeth.

Strengthen the tooth quality

※ Image

medicinal ingredient "dextranase enzyme" decomposes and removes "dental plaque" itself.

Disassembly / removal of dental plaque (plaque)

※ Image

Cleaning scrub formulation that enhances the effect of removing dental plaque (plaque).

xylitol (natural sweetener) formulated.

You can choose from three flavors according to your preference.

Fresh strawberries
Juicy Grape
Clear Peach

How to finish polish and tips

In Japan, finishing polishing is done at 90% of families, but there seems to be many people who are suffering "What should I do to finish polishing in the first place?" 
Please refer to the method of effective finish polishing and protect your child's teeth.

Finish polishing method

Basic tooth brushing

  • Point 1
    Place the bristle straight on the face of the tooth
    Place the bristle straight on the face of the tooth
    Position the tooth tip of the toothbrush at the boundary between the tooth and gums (gums), between the teeth and the teeth properly
  • Point 2
    Move with light force
    Move with light force
    The tooth tip of the toothbrush is not spread
  • Point 3
    Move wiggly
    Move small
    Move every minute with a width of 5 to 10 mm as a guide and polish one or two at a time
Point 4
Becauseplaque (plaque) can not be removedmore than 20 times per place,let's move it carefully.The brushing time is estimated to be over 3 minutes.If you move with a strong force the tip of the toothbrush spreads, it will damage the gums (gingiva) or the plaque (plaque) will be difficult to reverse.In addition, children may feel pain and cause tooth brushing.

Polishing place and timing

In the period of the baby teeth, be sure to pay attention to "upper teeth", "upper and lower left and right engagement of back teeth," which is liable to be a tooth tooth. The cuspid teeth on the domestic handedness side of the mother is also a cautionary place as it is hard to brush your teeth.

Every time you eat, it is best to polish your mother after brushing your teeth, but if after every meal is difficult, let's go to daily after dinner or good evening.

While sleeping, the amount of saliva decreases and the amount of bacteria increases, and it gains about 30 times after dinner when getting up.

Polishing place and timing

Changes in the number of bacteria in saliva

Changes in the number of bacteria in saliva

Posture of finish polishing

As a posture that is easy to see in the mouth, safe and easy to brush, we recommend brushing your teeth by fixing the head around the back of the child, the guardian on the back of the child, with your belly and side by side. 
We recommend that you lay it on the guardian's knees while the child can not stand up well. If you start using toothpaste, let your child stand up and brush your teeth to make it difficult to swallow saliva and toothpaste.

Polishing posture

When will you start polishing?

About 8 months when breast teeth grow, it is the timing of tooth brushing start. For the first time, it is important to get used to a toothbrush. Let's aim to be able to brush your teeth by the age of 1 to 6 months when back teeth grow.

Finish polishing tips

Tips to make yourself a fun habit

Tip 1 Tips on front teeth
When a tooth brush hits a part of "streak" that connects gums (gums) on the upper lips, the pain becomes painful and causes tooth brushing.
Lift the upper lips so that the boundary between the teeth and the gums (gingiva) can be seen, hide the portion of the "streaks" connecting the gums (lingual gums) with the belly of the index finger who does not have a toothbrush, Let's finish polish.
Tip 2 Knaps of the back teeth
Let's move the tooth back from the back to the back teeth.Breast teeth can be made quickly because it has two back teeth.In particular, the interlocking of the back teeth is a place where plaque (plaque) tends to remain in the groove.
Tip 3 Tips not to be hated
When you start brushing your teeth, let's touch your child's mouth from everyday.It becomes hard to dislike if you are used to touching your mouth.
Talking to a toothbrush or brushing while counting numbers is recommended.Children can work hard as soon as they know the end of toothpaste.Also, as time goes on, children will get bored, so let's do it quickly and carefully in a short time.It is also important to praise when finishing polish is finished.
It is also important to prevent children from feeling uncomfortable because they dislike when a toothbrush gets hit by gums (gums) due to strong forces.Also, before your child becomes sleepy or in a bad mood, it will lead to disliking toothpaste, so avoid it.
When breast teeth grow, finish polish and regular daily checkup at dental office

The baby teeth are smaller than the permanent teeth, the enamel is thinning, so be careful as it will reach the nerve in the moment you become a dental tooth. When breast teeth are growing up, let 's try regular check - ups at the dental office as well as finish polish.

When will the child begin brushing on his own?

Let your child have a toothbrush if it becomes possible for a child to use a spoon or the like by himself or holding a tooth firmly in his mouth. It is important to have a habit of having your child brush yourself from an early stage. 
I can not do it well at this time by myself, but it is important to make yourself brush your teeth just by putting it in your mouth. Keep watching while your child is brushing your teeth and praise it as soon as it is done. Let's finish polish after the child brush your teeth.

Clinica Kid's Dental Rinse

Clinica Kid's Dental Rinse

Sterilize all causative bacteria such as mushroom teeth

  • Left: Strawberry flavor 250ml
  • Medium: Grape flavor 250ml
  • Right: Peach flavor 250 ml

© Disney

Dental liquid toothpaste

Sales name: Lion dental rinse CA

Producing country: Japan

It is a dental rinse that can be used by children.Prevents breeding of bacteria causing mushroom teeth, preventing mushroom teeth · bad breath, gingivitis.Let's start a new habit before going to bed with children when gargling can be done!

One point basic knowledge

The finish polish is best done by a guardian after each meal, after the child has brushed. If it is difficult after every meal, let's take a daily routine after dinner and before going to bed. While sleeping, the amount of saliva decreases and the amount of bacteria increases, and it rises about 30 times after dinner at the time of getting up.

Changes in the number of bacteria in salivaChanges in the number of bacteria in saliva

Product features

① Thebactericidal ingredient CPC * sterilizes the causative bacteria to the corner, preventing moth tooth, bad breath, gingivitis.
※ CPC: cetyl pyridinium chloride

Non-alcohol type for which children are easy to use, reduced stimulation

You can choose from three flavors according to your preference.

Fresh strawberries
Juicy Grape
Clear Peach

Xylitol (natural sweetener) Ingredients

One-touch cap easy to pour

how to use

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