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Chokotto Wash - Anywhere USB washer

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29.99 $29.99

Anywhere USB washing machine "Chokotto Wash"

I want to wash some small towels and underwear at home! 
I want to wash the baby's underwear and the like separately from the washing machine. 
I want a washing machine at business trip destination and travel destination! 

In such a case it is the appearance of a perfect palm carrying washing machine. 
Easy to use! For water to washstands, bathtubs and buckets, simply paste this mini washing machine and switch on. 
The place where water can be stored will change to a washing machine quickly!

I want a washing machine

I want a washing machine

There is no washing machine at business trip destination and travel destination .... 
I do not want to wash it for cleaning, but I want to wash it. 
Hand washing is a pain. 

I want to wash a bit of towels and underwear at home. 
I want to wash separately from washing machine such as underwear of baby .... 

There is such a thing.

Recommended USB washing machine

Recommended at such time, it is a USB washing machine "Chokotto Wash" everywhere. 

Just put water on a bucket and paste it, there is a washing machine! 
You can easily wash easily!

light! One person's clothes can be washed!

light! One person's clothes can be washed!

Anywhere USB washing machine "Chokotto Wash" is very compact! 

The body fits in the palm of your hand. 
Since it takes little place, it will not get in the way even if it is placed in your home or office. 
Since laundry corresponds to 1 kg, it is convenient for washing one person.

Small, strong

Small, strong

This product is small, but it does not match its size and you can wash it very powerfully. 

This product 
1. Water flush mode 
2. There are two types of vibration washing mode. 

Dirt off the surface of the laundry with a stream of water, peel off the dirt inside by vibrating! 
"1. water flow washing mode" for 5 minutes, "2. vibration washing mode" for 1 minute, 
Each time it is alternately repeated, turning off after 30 minutes.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Usage is simple. 

Place detergent and laundry in a water-wash basin, bathtub, bucket, etc., 
Just paste this product with a suction cup on the inner side (side) of a washbasin and connect it to a USB adapter (optional) etc!

It's USB powered so you can use it anywhere.

It's USB powered so you can use it anywhere.

If you use a mobile battery (optional) you can use it even in places without power. 
It will also be active during emergencies such as during a disaster, you can use it even outdoors such as camping and fishing. 

* As this product is used around the water, please be careful not to apply water to the mobile battery (optional) or AC adapter (optional). 
※ Please note that the USB connector of this product is not waterproof.

Size details

Size details



Body: height 130 × width 130 × thickness 53 (mm) 
USB cable length: about 140 cm * excluding connectors
Body: 250 g
Power supply
Power supply from USB
USB (A type)
power consumption
Recommended USBAC adapter
Please use the USB AC adapter whose output is 1.5 A or more and 3 A or less.
○ Be careful not to touch the rotating blade with your hand during operation. 
○ Please do not use, please keep in place to reach the hands of small children. 
○ When there is not enough USB power supply capacity, it may not work. 
○ The thing other than those stated in the content item is not included. 
○ Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
○ Please do not disassemble. 
○ Do not drop it or give it a strong shock. 
○ Store in high temperature / humidity / fire Do not use, please. 
○ If you feel abnormal Please stop using it and contact customer support. 
○ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Body, sucker, Japanese manual
Warranty period
6 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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