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ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet

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299.95 $299.95


Power up anything, anywhere, anytime! The first portable battery pack with an AC wall plug outlet for your cell phone, laptop and more.




ChargeTech lets you power anything, anywhere:



Yep, you read that right, curling irons! 


It's so small and compact you can literally put it in your pocket, your purse or your backpack. 






The Problem: Look Familiar?



With our on the go lives and reliance on our portable electronic devices, you can nearly be certain, you will never have enough juice or find a power outlet.


At a cafe



At the airport



During an emergency




The Solution: World's Smallest Portable Power Outlet


Wherever you go, so should your portable power outlet. 



Stay connected and stay powered up in all of your daily activities. Give all your devices that extra emergency jump start to keep going throughout the day. 



Portable for on the go!

We designed the battery to be lightweight and convenient to bring around. 

It is fully mobile and will fit in your backpack, purse, and even in most pockets. 




With ChargeTech, you will have power within arms reach wherever you are!


It's just like those bulky portable power supply generators or the outdoor generators you find at hardware stores, except it fits in your pocket.



Compact, Yet Powerful



In terms of size, it's almost comparable to that of an iPhone. 




ChargeTech  contains enough power to charge your phone for an entire week or fully charge your laptop multiple times. 



The Perfect Mix

NOTHING compares to the portability and power of ChargeTech. 



  • Gigantic Powerful Generators - Perfect when the power goes out, but not practical to carry around. 
  • Portable Lipstick Charger - Only work with your phone, not powerful enough to work with your laptop computer or anything else that requires an electrical outlet. 



ChargeTech, it's the perfect blend of size and power. 

Available In Two Sizes

Choose your size: The portable power outlet is the small size (12000 mah) and the powerful power outlet is the large size (18000 mah). 

The large size has 50% more capacity than the small size. It also has an additional two USB ports and battery capacity indicator.

Both units uses AC power for your household appliances, and DC power for your 12V electronics.


Gift Ready Packaging






What Can you Charge?

Or should we say, what can't you charge? Any electrical wall outlet device under 85 watts. 

Check the manufacturer's specifications for more information. If you are using a device with a variable setting, use the lowest for your safety.



Field tests were conducted with different household products under the recommended 85 watts limit. The actual results may vary. 

There are limitations:

The 18,000mAh (large) ChargeTech can power devices up to 85w and the 12,000mAh (small) ChargeTech can power devices up to 65w. It is not possible to use high power demanding electronics, such as a microwave. An internal safety fuse will cut the power and shut off your energy pack if done so. 

We embedded this safety feature to protect someone from getting hurt. After the safety cut-off has been triggered, simply recharge the device again to resume operation. 

**Actual charge and run times will vary. Divide 12000 mah or 18000 mah for an approximate number of charges you can expect from a fully charged small or large ChargeTech.


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