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CarVi - Smart Tech for Safer Driving

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Quick overview



Meet CarVi: Versatile, Affordable and Easy to Install Driver’s Assistant

CarVi employs the vision based safety tools to gather data, using a small dashboard camera installed in your car that “talks” to your smart phone. The camera captures video which CarVi analyzes in real time. If it senses potential trouble, it issues audible and visual warnings.

It monitors:

Safe Lane Changes – CarVi adds an extra set of “eyes” to your driving, monitoring your position in the lane and the location of the car ahead. 


Front End Collision Danger – CarVi monitors your distance from the driver in front of you. Not only will it warn you if you come too close, but it will also help you practice maintaining a safe distance if you’re prone to tailgating.




Reckless Driving and Hard Braking –CarVi learns your driving patterns and helps you adjust.

Jackrabbit Starts
 – You may not even notice certain driving habits once you get used to them. CarVi helps you learn to give your car just enough gas to efficiently ease into the flow of traffic.

But CarVi doesn’t stop working when you turn off your engine. The smartphone interface displays your driving data, providing your driving “SKOR” for the day, and showing you the areas where you did well, and where you might need some work. With the data it collects, CarVi gives you suggestions on how to improve your driving skills.


Who Needs CarVi

Distracted driving due to smartphone use is one of the major reasons for car accidents. With CarVi, your smartphone will transform from an enemy on the road into your guardian. 




How To Install









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