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Carbon Fiber Head Protection for Baseball Pitchers

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SST lightweight composite head guards for pitchers are designed to reduce head injury from the impact of a baseball.  They insert easily into the sweat liner of any ball cap and are comfortable for players to wear without distraction.

The Pro Performance and Pro X Head Guards are designed for players 13U and higher.  They provide protection along the front panel and sides of a baseball cap.

 The Prospect and Performance Head Guards are designed for Youth to 12U.  Most players achieve an optimal fit for our head guards in their existing hat size.


Twelve active pitchers in the Major League have experienced a line drive to the head.  But only a handful of pitchers are willing to wear some sort of protective cap.  While safety is key, comfort and appearance seem to be the driving factors behind a head guard becoming widely accepted in the sport of baseball.

SST has developed a lightweight, low-profile solution for pitchers.  The insert is a rectangular piece of carbon fiber with padding on the inside.  It weighs less than 2 ounces unlike other bulky caps that weigh up to 11 ounces.


Our head guards have been tested from 60-94 MPH.  Using a headform, triaxial accelerometer, and launcher we were able to determine a reduction of 120 G Forces between impacts with and without our head guards.

Studies show that a pitcher has only 1/3 of a second to react to a line drive.  SST head guards cover the exposed side of a pitcher's head from above the ear to the middle of the forehead.  A set of our head guards includes a right and left sided head piece for complete coverage from ear to ear around the front forehead area.

Made out of carbon fiber composite material, our head guards are powerfully built to reduce head trauma.  But they remain lightweight and virtually unnoticeable inside a pitcher's cap.  


Teams, parents, and players have all purchased our protective head guards.  They can be easily exchanged between multiple hats when players are on several teams.

Notable Teams/Players using SST Head Guards

  • Collin McHugh of the Houston Astros
  • Dan Jennings of the Chicago White Sox
  • Baltimore Orioles Organization
  • New York Mets Organization
  • Texas Rangers Organization
  • Former Major Leaguer Matt Diaz for his youth travel team
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Missouri
  • Creighton University
  • Marucci Elite

Check out the special ESPN's Outside the Lines did on pitcher head protection.  We were excited to be one of three products featured!

Our Technology

All SST Head Guards are made with ultra lightweight and ultra strong carbon fiber and Kevlar composites.  When paired with our high density polyurethane padding for additional protection and comfort, SST Head Guards provide a reduced risk of serious injury at a quarter of the weight of any other product available.  This technology also allows a player to wear head protection that is virtually unnoticeable.

SST Pro Performance Head Guard For Pitchers – For Hat Sizes 7 and Up / 12U+


Provides coverage for the temple and parts of the head exposed to lateral or side impacts that can cause skull fracture and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


Take a look at any video clip of a pitcher being hit on the head by a batted ball and you will notice that impact occurs on the side of the head due to momentum.  Meaning, Right-Handed Pitchers are struck on the right side of the head.


Unlike other helmets for pitchers, the SST Head Guards only cover the most at-risk area of a pitcher’s head.  This allows the pitcher to wear concealed head protection without any physical or mental distraction.  The Pro Performance Guard features a grooved pattern technology which allows for less surface contact with the head when worn. This results in more energy being dispersed against the guard while minimizing the energy against the head in the event of an impact from a batted ball.


SST Performance Head Guard For Pitchers – Youth To 12U / Up to Hat Size 7


A one size fits all solution for youth players who wear a hat size 7 and below.  Designed for competition levels up to approximately 12U.


As with the Pro Performance Guard, the Youth Performance Guard also provides coverage for the temple and parts of the head most exposed to skull fracture and TBI.

Testing and Performance

The SST Head Guard For Pitchers has been put through a stringent battery of impact tests ranging from 60-94 MPH.  Using a headform, triaxial accelerometer, and launcher, we were able to determine a very tangible difference in G Forces when impacted with and without the SST Head Guard.  Below is just one of the data sets that we recovered at the completion of testing.

Testing Data

The top graph shows a 93 MPH impact without the guard resulting in an approximate measurement of 200 G’s. The bottom graph shows a 93 MPH head impact with the guard measuring approximately 80 G’s; presenting quite a reduction.

Notice: SST aims to provide products that may help reduce the risk or level of serious injury. SST products cannot and does not prevent injury or guarantee safety from injury. SST products should only be used as intended and as detailed in the product description. Failing to use SST products as intended could result in serious injury or death.

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