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CADO Air Purifier

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199.99 $199.99


Small is beautiful. Classy Air Purifier

In size, because the quality is transmitted directly to. His metal body is beautiful, as well as other models, produces a very fine heavy weights.
In-car air pollution and odors are anxious. To open the window and try to ventilate, and now enters the hazardous substances, such as pollen and exhaust gases and PM2.5.
This Caddo Air Purifier (MP-C20U) can help you at such time. 500 ml beverage cans and roughly the same size, is equipped with high-performance filters, odor and dust removal.
Operation is very simple. Air flow switch and power button at the top of the unit is only one. Design usability while driving;

Enhanced features
1 new photo CLEA technologies with high performance filters
1 demonstrate effective dissolution of the VOC, odor, viruses cause
1 silver ion antimicrobial HEPA type filter installed
○ high self-cleaning effect in purifying ability long term hold
1 cigarette socket power supply standard that can be used even in the car

Easy to clean
Daily cleaning is not required. It is only a regular filter replacement for easy maintenance.

With optical catalyst filters to self-renewal

Followed by a beautiful new photocatalysts (photo clean system)
Photo clean system is realized in new photocatalytic technology and adsorption capability of activated carbon reacts with visible light
Kad — to ensure elimination of the Air Purifier is adsorbed to filter dirt and bacteria decompose strong.
Self-cleaning function in addition, accident plays the holding power of the filter. Is the Air Purifier in the room nor the body beautiful continues.

Self cleaning mechanism
1. adsorption. Absorbs toxins, bacteria, mold, pollen, odors, etc.
2. break down. Due to a newly developed visible light responsive photocatalytic technology, broken down into carbon dioxide and water in the body.
3. play. Self cleaning effect due to the force play. Provides a longer service life of the filter.

Purification power with high performance filters.
Sucking up to catch hazardous materials soared by movements of people, doors opened and closed when air flow and air conditioning air flow air, pollen, dust, etc to make sure to clean between different features double layer filters will filter air step by step. Adsorption and decomposition toxic substances in new photo-catalyst light blue charcoal filter and at the same time, by Silver ion antimicrobial HEPA type filter suppresses reproduction, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria.

3-color color variations!

Choose from black, gold, and silver. Can be recharged from the USB, the casket.

cado MP-C20U body replacement filter link!

cado Caddo portable air purifier cleaner vehicles, small space type MP-C20U

P12 times & free shipping!18500Circle(Tax not included)

cado FL-C20 for replacement filters
Should be replaced: half

P5 times!1750Circle(Tax not included)

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♦ product name:cado Caddo portable air purifier cleaner vehicle and small space type MP-C20U

♦ part No.:MP-C20U
♦ uses: in the car, around the desk, bedroom, bathroom
♦ color: black, gold, silver
♦ size / weight (approx.): 66 diameter × height 180mm/0.4kg(filter and adapter not included)
♦ filter: deodorizers, dust and bacteria filter FL-C20
♦ power supply: 5V DC (car DC adapter DC12V/24 V)
♦ current consumption: (less than)0.2A (in the)0.3A (strong)0.4A
♦ operation: (weak) 40 dB 35 dB to 30 dB (in) (strong)
♦ air flow:
1 air supply direction: top bottom circumference: 1 air suction direction
♦ included:
1 car DC adapter
1 USB cord
1 Filter 1 (should be replaced: about six months)
* To maintain high dust, odor and decomposition performances regularly filter replaced. Replacement guideline is about six months.
* May look different on the screen and the color of the actual.
* Appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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