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Bulk Homme The Face Mask for Men

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10.99 $10.99


THE FACE MASK (1 sheet)

Intensive care.
Prepare moisture.

To bring esthetic treatments to men's skin.
“THE FACE MASK” is a collection of beauty ingredients from BULK HOMME. In order to achieve healthy and ideal skin, we designed an efficient flow of water that “makes the way”, “gives”, and “does not miss”.
The mask itself is also designed with the image of a male face.


Skin base preparation, 7 common ingredients

Focuses on ingredients that awaken the skin and adjust the water balance to work on the natural beauty of the skin.
Contains 7 types of ingredients as common beauty ingredients.

7 functions

“Beautiful skin” is not only about talking about the superficial parts that are visible, but it is also important to create skin full of vitality that is less likely to cause trouble through fundamental skin care.
From that idea, we have arrived at seven functions based on natural materials with multi-functionality and solid evidence.
  1. Support for regaining the original functions of skin
  2. Efficiently moisturizes the skin of men with poor water balance
  3. Protects moisture from moisturized skin
  4. Protects skin from external stimulating damage such as UV rays and dryness
  5. Support to regain degraded barrier function
  6. Reduce excessive sebum secretion
  7. Support to improve damage such as ultraviolet rays and drying

Characteristic ingredients

All products formulated and 7 common ingredients

  • Apple fruit cell extract (moisturizing / skin conditioning)
    Apple fruit cell extract (moisturizing / skin conditioning)
  • Hot spring water (moisturizing)
    Hot spring water (moisturizing)
  • Glyceryl glucoside (moisturizing)
    Glyceryl glucoside (moisturizing)
  • Hydrolyzed silk (moisturizing)
    Hydrolyzed silk (moisturizing)
  • Cha leaf extract (skin conditioning)
    Cha leaf extract (skin conditioning)
  • Yuzu fruit extract (skin conditioning)
    Yuzu fruit extract (skin conditioning)
  • White Willow Bark Extract (Skin Conditioning)
    White Willow Bark Extract (Skin Conditioning)

Other characteristic ingredients

  • Clay minerals (cleaning)
    Formulated product: Clay in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is said to be excellent in the action of adsorbing oleic acid contained in sebum, while retaining face wash, milky lotion, and body wash moisture.
  • White jellyfish polysaccharide (moisturizing)
    Formulated product: Body wash, body treatment, hand jelly Extract extracted from “Pleurotus jellyfish”, which is said to have been used for royal palace dishes by Takaki Tsuji in ancient China. Has excellent water-holding power and produces a smooth and smooth feeling of use without stickiness.
  • Trehalose (moisturizing)
    Formulation product: A natural ingredient called “sugar of life” that is used in lotions, hand jelly foods, etc. and has a very high water retention function.
  • Olive oil PEG-7 Esters (washing)
    Formulation product: A component with a mild cleaning function while retaining the moisturizing function of face sheet olive oil.
  • Strawberry seed extract (moisturizing)
    Formulated product: Face mask A component of strawberry seed that facilitates the penetration of useful components into the stratum corneum by providing moisture control and supporting moisture control.
  • Ceramide 3 (moisturizing)
    Formulation product: lip balm Since it is made close to the human ceramide structure, it has high penetration into the skin (stratum corneum) and excellent moisturizing power. Human ceramide.
  • Arch chalk leaf extract (skin conditioning)
    Formulated product: An artichoke leaf extract that prevents skin problems from drying out due to inflammation caused by sunscreen UV rays and protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Dihydroxypropylarginine HCl (moisturizing)
    Formulated product: Shampoo, hair treatment A combination of glycerin with high moisture retention and arginine, an amino acid. Ingredients that penetrate into the hair and repair damage.
  • Squalane (moisturizing)
    Formulation: Emulsion, face mask, sunscreen, hand jelly Natural skin moisturizer that is close to the skin structure of a person, so it is familiar with the skin and creates a pseudo-barrier in the stratum corneum to protect the skin from dry damage.
  • γ-Docosalactone (moisturizing)
    Formulated product: Rapeseed oil-based treatment ingredients that have a “heat protection function” that protects the moisture inside the hair by restoring the hair using the heat of the hair treatment dryer (closing the cuticle with a thermal reaction).
  • Aloe vera leaf extract (moisturizing)
    Formulated product: Hand Jelly Extract extracted from aloe leaves taken in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. It contains more than 200 active ingredients and is one of the most important herbal medicines in history.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen extract (moisturizing)
    Formulation product: Collagen water obtained by hydrolyzing collagen derived from scalp serum serum. It contains free amino acids and peptides, and is excellent in moisture retention and water retention.


Developer's commitment

1. Water charge system
With 3 STEPs of “preparing”, “giving”, and “not letting out” of moisture, moisture is efficiently infiltrated into dry skin (stratum corneum) and intensively moisturized with reset.
2. Concentrated series ingredients
In order to intensively realize the beauty effect of Bulk Homme, a face mask contains a beauty ingredient that is three times the concentration of toner.
3. Moisturizing power to protect skin from dryness
Newly formulated with key ingredients to retain moisture in an invisible veil while leading to firm elasticity and firm skin.


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