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BuddyGuard - Home Security

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299 $299.00

A complete home security system in a single device: BuddyGuard's Flare brings the best functionalities of home security together in a single device. At the same time, it is our goal to make home security as easy and non-intrusive as possible.

A self managing device: You no longer need to deal with alarm codes or constant monitoring. Flare takes care of everything on its own so that you can go back to enjoying your life.

Smooth installation: Install Flare in under 10 minutes. Just attach it to the wall, download the BuddyGuard App and have your home secured. No expertise or technical assistance required.

Power independent: Flare continues to operate on powerful lithium-ion batteries when electricity gets interrupted or cut off.

Data privacy: Your data is encrypted by the highest security standards as used by banks. On top of that, our camera gets mechanically covered when you or one of your trusted contacts arrive home.

Hassle free: Flare works entirely wirelessly, as it connects to the WiFi and even to cellular networks. Say goodbye to those annoying cables on the wall.

Pet friendly: Let your pets roam freely at home: You won’t be bothered with notifications constantly.

Smart control: Use your face, voice or the location of your smartphone to control Flare, for example to activate and deactivate the device.

Your home is your castle: It's where you feel safe and where you dare to dream. Home is where you always return to and where we share your thoughts and desires with those close to you.

When someone has broken into your home, into your private atmosphere, it feels as if something irreplaceable has been taken away from you. Valuables are covered by insurances, damaged doors and windows can be repaired. But knowing that a stranger has forced his way into your home, might leave you feeling afraid and unsafe.

Having experienced this himself, our Founder Herbert Hellemann started developing a home security system himself, in 2014. Apart from having the vision of combining multiple advanced security technologies in a single device, Herbert made it the company's mission to create a system that is affordable, easy on the eyes and most of all: intelligent. Home security should not be a matter of contstant managing and monitoring: It should secure you and your home all by itself.

Flare, the name of our device, is an easy to use home security system with a sleek design that looks right in every home. Forget about alarm codes, maintenance contracts or difficult installation: Flare is hassle free, low-maintenance and requires zero technical expertise.

It turns itself automatically on when you are leaving, but it does not watch you while you are home. Flare will notify you when someone it does not recognise enters your home, but when you don't have access to your smartphone or the internet, it can take intelligent actions on its own to protect your home. An intelligent action could be notifying other people you can trust, such as your partner or friends and family. If there is no speedy response, Flare will not hesitate to sound the alarm and notify the emergency services.

Naturally, you can always add or delete friends, family, neighbours, your housekeeper or other people to your list of trusted contacts. Flare will authenticate this person as a welcome visitor, and then goes back to standby mode.

Coming home after a long day at work should be stress and hassle-free. With your mind still racing and your groceries in one hand and your keys and phone in the other, the last thing you want to do is dealing with security codes and all kinds of settings.

Flare deactivates itself when you arrive home after picking up the signal of your smartphone and recognising your face. In case your phone ran out of batteries or if you simply don’t have it with you, Flare will use face and voice recognition to authenticate your identity, before deactivating itself.

Flare packs a wide array of cutting edge sensors and electronic components inside a very small enclosure:

  • Diameter: 11 cm (4,33'')
  • Height: 2,5 cm (1'')
  • Weight: 220g (7,7 oz)
  • HD camera: A full HD 1080p camera is used to recognise your face and to record video and make snapshots in case of an event
  • Motion detector: Spots movement in your home using infrared
  • Accelerometer: Detects tampering with Flare, to avoid the device being taken off the wall
  • Temperature sensor: Identifies sudden temperature changes in its environment
  • Microphone: Detects sounds associated with burglary and allows the user to give voice commands
  • Loudspeaker: Emits home sounds like people talking or doing the dishes, so that the residents appear to be home
  • Siren: Sounds the alarm when someone has invaded your home
  • WiFi module: Keeps Flare connected to the BuddyGuard Cloud
  • 3G module: Takes over the connection to the Cloud in case the WiFi gets interrupted or cut off
  • Batteries: Can power Flare completely or function as an electricity backup. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

There is a lot of physical parts inside Flare that help it make sense of its environment. Still, the thing that makes Flare very special is the way this information is used by the software. This allows it to be very intelligent.

Face recognition: Flare can distinguish residents and trusted contacts from unfamiliar persons, by analysing and verifying the facial features of people entering your home.

Voice recognition: By listening to your voice, Flare can authenticate your identity in order to take commands. For example, you can tell Flare to be more vigilant while you are on vacation.

Privacy control: Flare will only use the camera and microphone when there's a direct reason for it. Upon positive face recognition, the camera will be mechanically closed and the microphone gets turned off.

Location: By using the geolocation of your cellphone, Flare knows when you have left your home. From that moment on until it sees you again, the system will be fully active and extra alert to protect your home

Pet friendly: Flare can tell the difference between an innocent pet and someone who should not be there, as shapes and motions are verified to belong to an animal.

Scheduling: Inform Flare by voice command or app that you will be away for a few nights or even a long vacation, to make sure the system stays alert and activated at all times.

Flare is an entire system. The advanced hardware and software work together in harmony to guarantee that it can act on your behalf.

Our highly secured, continuous exchange of information between Flare, the BuddyGuard Cloud and the App ensure a home security system that stays intelligent by recognising faces, voices and patterns – so that it can always take smart actions to protect you and your home.

Flare is meant to keep unwanted visitors at bay, but the people close to you should always be able to visit you - even when you are not at home. From your family to your best friends, the friendly neighbour across the street and your cleaning help – you can add them all to your Security Circle.

New members can be added to the system through the app or the browser based dashboard. After entering their name, Circle level and access rights, you will then introduce the new member to Flare by asking the person to face the device. Flare will take a couple of snapshots, in order to use face recognition the next time they visit. By saying out loud a specific sentence as shown in the app or dashboard, Flare will be able to recognise the voice of the new member.

We recommend every member to download our app, as geolocation will then be used as the first authentication step, making the process a lot faster and easier.

BuddyGuard's Flare can be installed within minutes. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Attach the magnet holder with adhesive tape to your wall and place the device on top of the holder
  • Turn Flare on by pushing the single button it has. This makes it automatically search for wireless networks nearby
  • Download the BuddyGuard App from the Apple Store or from Google Play. Open it and enter your WiFi password
  • Take a few pictures of yourself and talk to the App for the system to train itself and be able to recognise your face and voice in the future

That's it!

Flare's batteries are designed to last 3 weeks under normal operating conditions. Whenever Flare is running out of battery it will inform you through the App. In that case, just take Flare from the holder and charge it like you would your smartphone, using the micro USB port. Leave it charging overnight and place it back before you go out. If you prefer, you can always choose to leave Flare connected to the electricity using the provided micro USB Cable. This is very useful, for example, when you go on a long vacation.

BuddyGuard uses the power of IFTTT to extend the functionalities of Flare. IFTTT allows you to communicate with other Apps and devices to create simple action-reaction rules. You could, for example, trigger your Philips Hue lights to turn green when you arrive home when the system has recognised you.

Techmog: "BuddyGuard promises to be a life companion that protects your home when you’re out and gives you some space when you’re in."
LeBlogDomotique: "Flare BuddyGuard dispose donc de nombreux avantages et doté de très nombreux capteurs de mesure."
Turn-On: "Mit BuddyGuard wird ein neues Sicherheitssystem fürs Zuhause vorgestellt: Es soll sehr einfach und ohne Kabel zu installieren sein und sich den Gewohnheiten der Nutzer intelligent anpassen."
Mobiflip: "BuddyGuard, ein smartes System für die Sicherheit daheim." "Das System kann euch im Falle eines Einbruchs nicht nur kontaktieren, sondern soll potenzielle Einbrecher auch automatisch mit Geräuschen von dem Einbruch abschrecken."
TheGadgetflow: "Flare takes care of everything on its own so that you can go back to enjoying your life."
Energie&Technik: "Mit dieser raffinierten Technik läuft man Einbrechern in Zukunft technisch nicht mehr hinterher und kann sich rundum sorglos fühlen, wenn man unterwegs ist."
Industry Edge: "The latest intriguing smart security system to hit the crowdfunding world is Flare, produced by BuddyGuard, a German startup seeking to build “a home security system that can think and act all by itself."
Gadgetify: "The BuddyGuard Flare: Yet another interesting Kickstarter project."
Tech-Sonar: "Da kommt Buddyguard gerade recht: Das Berliner Start-up will ein System auf den Markt bringen, das selbsttätig erkennt, ob sich der rechtmäßige Bewohner in der Räumen aufhält."
Gizmag: "It's a device packed with clever ideas. The accelerometer detects if someone tries to tamper with it, for example, while the loudspeaker can broadcast sounds (like people talking) to give the impression you're at home."
SlashGear: "With Flare, the entire home security setup is promised to be available in a single UFO-shaped device."
DigitalTrends: "The independent home security system is designed to provide you with all of the protection you need in one device. Flare looks more like a mini smoke alarm, and it has a lot of features packed into its small footprint."

Hardware demo

Flare knows when to deactivate itself once you arrive home. This means that you won’t have to deal with entering security codes anymore. Flare recognises your face and then goes into standby mode.

Face recognition

By analysing and verifying the biometric features of faces, Flare's artificial intelligence can distinguish residents and trusted contacts from unfamiliar people.

Voice recognition

While unfamiliar voices are a reason for Flare to raise its vigilance, authenticated voices from residents and trusted contacts can control and inform the system.

Location detection

by analysing the location of your phone, Flare can deactivate the system and cover the camera just as you are arriving home. This way you never have to loose a second taking an action for yourself. Also, you will never feel observed.

Although Flare will do its very best to keep intruders at bay, there is still a chance that someone will enter your home. Apart from sounding the alarm, Flare will video record and snapshot everything within its sight, while sending push notifications to your smartphone. Flare will also notify the emergency services of your city on your behalf. All video and photo material will be saved, encrypted, in the BuddyGuard Cloud, for future reference.

Although Flare will do its very best to keep intruders at bay, there is still a chance that someone will enter your home. Apart from sounding the alarm, Flare will video record and snapshot everything within its sight, while sending push notifications to your smartphone. Flare will also notify the emergency services of your city on your behalf. All video and photo material will be saved, encrypted, in the BuddyGuard Cloud, for future reference.

We are in the middle of our journey. We currently have a working prototype, but there is still some work to do before Flare is ready for shipping. In the coming months we are going to focus on fitting all our hardware components in the final enclosure. Once we have passed this milestone we look forward to shipping Flare worldwide.


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