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Boyfriend Blanket

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The Boyfriend Blanket is a Deluxe Weighted Blanket Set that hugs you to sleep all night, every night. By employing DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) evenly distributed weight, applies a gentle compression across your body.

The Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders concluded “A weighted blanket that is more than 10% of a person’s body weight has been found to provide beneficial, calming effects and based on this we have tailored our blankets to suit a wide variety of body types.

By Simulating the feeling of being held or spooned, the blanket promotes restful sleep and stimulates positive brain chemical like serotonin & melatonin while decreasing, disruptive cortisol without pharmaceutical intervention. 

Weighted Blankets are a proven technology that has been harnessed by the medical profession for decades. DTP is used to treat Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome & Autism.

Today weighted blankets are a household essential and are used as an effective, natural sleep aid and as a tool to achieve a deep, mindfulness, meditative state while creating a secure, sleeping cocoon for the user.

Dimensions (48" x78")
Dimensions (48" x78")

"Those individuals who used the weighted blanket reported significantly greater reductions in distress and clinician-rated anxiety"

Though weighted blankets have been used in the medical community for many years now, the measurable health benefits have only recently begun to surface in scientific studies. So far, the findings have been incredible.

"A weighted blanket may aid in reducing insomnia through altered tactile inputs, thus may provide an innovative, non-pharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality"

"participants wore weighted blankets during their surgeries. Under the weighted blankets, the patients showed more activity in the part of the nervous system that is in control during times of low stress"


The Boyfriend Blanket is the blanket to designed to hug you back. Its heaviness nestles against you body, spooning you like a partner or how a parent comforts a child with a gentle compression. Not just for sleep, anti anxiety or loneliness it's great for any relaxation or achieving a deep meditative state.

40 million americans suffer from chronic anxiety, this problem is rampant and directly contributed to long term health issues like depression, obesity and prescription drug addictions. Not sleeping is very disruptive to you life, this negatively affects your productivity and the relationships you have with your loved ones and even you colleagues.

Loneliness  is a massive societal issue with 72% of Americans claiming to experience Loneliness. Social media fuels this anxiety, never have we been so connected and felt so alone. A weighted blanket is a great tool to help combat this.

Maintaining a consistent sleep pattern is critical to achieving rest. Altering between sleeping alone one week and with a partner the next week is very disruptive. The boyfriend blanket is the perfect transition tool as it mimics the presence of a partner.

 According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders the ideal weight is 10% or 7%-12% of a person body weight. The Boyfriend Blanket comes in three weight classes, 15 lbs, 20 lbs and 25 lbs. Choose the perfect blanket for you based off your weight.

Inspired by the classic style of a denim jacket with a soft woolen lining. The double sidedcover is both beautiful and functional as each side provides a different experience and sensory feedback. 

 The design also echos the parent or partner who sacrificed their coat to a partner or loved one for their comfort.

High Density Glass Beads lend their mass to the boyfriend blanket. Non-toxic, with a fine, salt like consistency they are the superior filling for a weighted blanket. Securly sewn into 6” pockets the weight is evenly distributed over your body. Glass Beads are also silent and no “rusting” can be heard.

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