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Easy lift up with daily care ! ※ 1 
Effectively with calculated technology !

Lift up the entire face * 1 New "Real" 


Make your face line, double chin, winding line, cheeky slack in one step ideal line

We adopt cloth of cross pattern with high elasticity, high resilience

Elasticity of the skin, the beauty component and natural component of the attention which is formulated for the sense of firm up

※ 1 By physical effect of mask

X lifting mask

Born after systematic research

  • More effective and powerful 
    Ear type lift-up mask! * 1
how to use
  1. Prepare skin with lotion and so on.
  2. Remove the film from the sheet mask.
  3. Align the center part of the mask with the lips and place it on the cheek so that both ends of the "A" in the figure are stretched and pulled up.
  4. Stretch the ends of the "B" in the figure sufficiently and hold them up while pulling up.
  5. Use it so that the raised part of B overlaps with a part of A.
  6. Please use for 30 to 40 minutes as it is.
  7. You can move freely while using the mask.
【How to use the mask used】 
Put the mask used in close contact with the film in a container. 
Put the used mask in the refrigerator and cool it. Cut in half to cool your arms and legs.

X lifting mask

  • Q. How long should I use it?
  • The recommended time for using X-LIFTING MASK is 30 to 40 minutes. 
    Because this hydrogel mask is a hydrogel that is synthesized into a special fiber, it adheres to the skin without evaporating cosmetic components and moisture. It can be worn for up to 2 hours.
  • Q. Can I reuse masks once used?
  • Sanitary re-use of masks once used is not recommended. However, since the effect of the X-LIFTING mask is for 2 hours, it can be used on the legs and arms after it has been applied to the face for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Q. What should I do when the mask on my ear hurts a little?
  • Stretch the fabric before wearing it sideways, and then hang it on your ears. If you still have an earache, insert a notch at the end of the ear.
We explain in detail how to cut the part that you put on the back of the product. Please check it.

X lifting mask

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Anxious as I get older, 
Decline of skin elasticity ....

  1. Decreased collagen that supports your skin
  2. Decline in the ability to keep moisture
  3. Decline of expression muscles
  4. UV photoaging

Decline due to various factors, 
Elasticity of the skin, firmness. 
Proper care is important.

That's why 
I really lift up ※ 1 

Ingredients of new technology and commitment 
By actually using it, 
You can experience a certain lift-up effect * 1 .

※ 1 By physical effect of mask
New sense

Concentrated lift up * 1 mask

Home Care Lifting Pack born from technology and design. ※ 1

  • Elasticity up

  • The pack is in close contact with the irregularities on the skin. Beauty ingredient tightens the skin and feels firmer up!
  • Moisturizing power up

  • Because it is a new "hydrogel pack" sheet that holds beauty essence, 
    Beauty ingredients contained plenty of up!
  • Lift up ※ 1

  • Face lines, double chins, horei lines, hoho's tears are close up! 
    ※ 1 By physical effect of mask

Excellent elasticity, strong resilience

X-Weaving Technology 
Even if the pack continues for a long time, it will continue to support the desired part without stretching or drooping.

X lifting mask

Elasticity and resilience are strong
X-LIFTING's own fabric
In the case of X-LIFTING
  • Before stretching (BEFORE)
  • When stretched
  • After stretching (AFTER)

The X-LIFTING mask stretches freely with high elasticity and returns to its almost unstretched shape with strong restoring force . There is no big difference before and after.

Other companies' products

In the case of other companies' products, they can only stretch in one direction when stretched, and after stretching they clearly have differences in the fabric .

Prevent evaporation of water, sealed a lot of cosmetic ingredients.
Hydrogel sheet

Hydrogel sheet that does not lose moisture has high adhesion to the skin, and delivers cosmetic ingredients to the skin for a long time compared to general sheet masks.

Hydrogel sheet 

Is a sheet that contains moisture and cosmetic ingredients in a gel that holds moisture . 
Pruning elasticity is excellent in adhesion and suppresses moisture transpiration for a long time.

X lifting mask

To increase skin elasticity and firmness


Volphilin is a cosmetic ingredient developed by Sederma in France. It is a component extracted from the root of a lily family plant called Hanasuge.

It strengthens the skin on which the age is concerned and leads it to a resilient, dusty skin. 
It is a raw material whose stability has been verified by the results of long-term clinical experiments conducted in Europe.

X lifting mask

Beauty ingredient

Approach to skin trouble from various angles

  • Volfilin

  • caffeine

  • Lotus flower extract

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Tea complex

  • Marine collagen
Stretching effect on the skin surface 

Lotus Flower Extract & Caffeine Extract

  • Lotus flower
  • Lotus flower extract is an ingredient that has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic in India, and it can be expected to have a tightening effect on the skin surface and an effect of increasing transparency.
  • caffeine
  • It activates skin cells and tightens the skin to give it firmness.
Collagen extracted from marine products filled with moisture 

Marine collagen

  • Marine collagen
  • Collagen extracted from natural aquatic products. Because the structure of the fiber is simple and low molecular, it is well familiar with the skin and penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum, moisturizes the skin, and leads to a healthy skin.
Improve and improve skin elasticity 

Tea Complex & CoQ10

  • Tea complex
  • Tea (green tea, black tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea) is rich in catechins and polyphenols with high antioxidative action, and it is said that Kakihi also drank green tea daily for beauty. 
    The tea complex extracted from tea tightens the skin and leads to a healthy, youthful skin with a sense of transparency.
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Coenzyme Q10 is attracting attention as a coenzyme that enhances the moisture retention in skin that is lacking, and it is an essential ingredient for skin with vigorous firmness. 
    By supplementing with coenzyme Q10, which decreases with age, it leads to a skin that has a pin and elasticity.

X lifting mask

More powerful. 
Lift up effect ※ 1
    • before sleep, 
      Tired of the day I reset my face

    • Only today 
      The impression of the face is vague

Before important promise 
I want to aim at abeautiful woman with a pint in a hurry !

  • While beauty, 
    Lift up ※ 1 
    Best if you can!

※ 1 By physical effect of mask

escription of item

Product name <Bijoule> X-Lifting Mask
Item Number 30288
Internal capacity 1 sheet
Feature Seat mask for powerful face lift up * 1
Description of item It is a sheet mask that allows you to feel strong lift-ups * 1 by using special fabrics with high elasticity and quickly lifting up parts of your entire face. We combine porphyrin (hydrogenated polyisobutene, horse radish root extract, tocopherol), lotus flower extract, caffeine, coenzyme Q10, marine collagen to support skin firmness, and deliver 2 ※ moisture in the skin of the skin. 

※ We lift wearing part by physical effect of 1 mask 
※ up to 2 stratum corneum
specification -
component Water, glycerin, DPG, agartenite, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylic acid, hydrogenated polyisobutene, carnation root extract, tocopherol, lotus flower extract, caffeine, ubiquinone, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronate sodium, oolong tea extract, tea leaf extract , Asparagus Linea leaf extract, BG, EDTA-2Na, tartaric acid, adenosine, glycine Al, xanthan gum, polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose gum, phenoxyethanol
how to use 1. After opening, take the film. 
2. Align the center part of the mask with the lips and stretch the lower end of the mask to the cheek. 
3. Fully stretch the top of the mask and put it on your ears. 
※ Please use so that the upper part covers a part of the lower part. 
4. Please use for 30 to 40 minutes as it is. This product can be used for about 2 hours (120 minutes). 
5. Please massage your face lightly after use.
Notes ● About the product: 
-The image of the photo and the real thing may differ slightly in color, pattern and so on. 
-Depending on the time of arrival, product specifications (design, size, color, materials, notation, etc.) may change. 
● Usage: 
If you do not fit your skin, please discontinue use. 
・ It is recommended to discontinue use and consult a dermatologist if any abnormality occurs during or after use. Continued use may result in deterioration. 
・ Do not use when there is an abnormality such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc., or when there is an abnormality on the skin or when it does not fit. 
・ If it gets in your eyes, please rinse immediately. 
● For storage / storage / deadline: 
・ Do not store in direct sunlight. 
・ Please keep out of reach of children. 
● About return / exchange: 
-Please contact me within one week after goods arrival about defective goods and missing goods. 
・ We can not return or exchange for your convenience.
brand BEJOUR
Manufacturer (sold by / manufacturer) World Jay Corporation
Country of manufacture / country of origin Made in Korea
Advertising charge World Jay Corporation 
TEL: 03-5812-3488


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