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BONAZZA World Travel Adapter and Converter

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39.95 $39.95

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step down voltage 220v to 110v converter

ALL IN ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter and 2000 Watts Step Down Voltage Converter COMBO

Before using the converter/adapter, check the appliance or device you intend to use to ensure it has the proper AC voltage and wattage.

The Smallest & Lightest Universal Travel Adapter and Converter You Will Ever Need.

BONAZZA travel adapter converter combo is the smallest and lightest to date for use with U.S. and Canada Electric Products abroad like hair dryers, laptop, steam irons, electric kettle, iPhone, MacBook etc. This voltage converter converts foreign electricity from 220-240V to 110-120V.

Regular complains about travel adapter and converter:

  1. Do not convert the voltage.
  2. For fit into an outlet in a foreign country to charge the cell phone only.
  3. Clunky and big didn't fit properly. Always loose connection with spark of electricity, easy to fall off from the wall.
  4. The levers when used to extend the prongs is flimsy. Need to yank on the extended prongs to get it to stay in place.
  5. Very easy to blow the fuse.
  6. Bright indicator lights affect sleep. Not used of fireproof materials.
  7. Poor quality non-customized products.

Your benefits with BONAZZA Travel Adapter and Converter COMBO:

  • Converter mode to convert the foreign electricity from 220-240V to 110-120V for single US voltage Electric Products.
  • Easy to use, all in one adapter and converter combo (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries.
  • Compactness, smaller size, more powerful compatibility & security.
  • Use of high-quality PC fireproof material, resistant to high temperatures up to 300°.
  • Comfortable faint blue light doesn't affect sleep.
  • Plug Lock System.
  • Patent Protected.

Weight: 0.35lb; Size: 2.8 x 2.5 x 2.3 inches

Travel Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter Step Down 220V to 110V for Hair Dryer US to UK AU Europe


  • Converter Mode: should be used only with ''electric'' products, MAX 2000 Watts. Electric products are simple heating devices or have mechanical motors. Examples are hair dryers, steam irons, electric kettle etc.
  • It CAN NOT be used with the Non-Electric appliances/devices or low-wattage appliances (0-25W).
  • Adapter mode: Only use Adapter Mode for DUAL VOLTAGE (110-220V, 120-240V) devices, such as iPhone charger, iPad charger, Laptop, MAC, Dual Voltage Hair straightener and other Dual Voltage Appliances.
  • Dual voltage appliances must be used adapter mode.
  • Before using the converter/adapter, check the product you intend to use has the proper voltage and wattage rating to run your devices.
  • This product the power sockets only accept pin of type A and B. This product is a step-down converter, cannot use converter mode in 110V countries and regions.

voltage converter 220v to 110v

Type G - UK, Hong Kong, Ireland.

Other Countries include: Bahrain / Belize / Botswana / Brunei / Cyprus / Dominica / England / Ghana / Gibraltar / Grenada / Hong Kong / Iraq / Ireland / Kenya / Macau / Malta / Malaysia / Nigeria / Nothern Ireland / Oman / Qatar / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Tanzania / Uganda / the United Arab Emirates / Wales / Yemen / Zimbabwe, etc.

step down voltage converter 220v to 110v

Type C - German, France, Most Europe, This socket also works with plug E, F and N.

Other Countries include: Albania / Austria / Belgium / Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / the Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / France / Finland / / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / India / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / the Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Turkey / Ukraine, etc.

Travel Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter Step Down 220V to 110V for Hair Dryer US to UK AU Europe

Type I - Australia, China.

Other Countries include: Argentina / Australia / China (mainland, excluding Taiwan) / Fiji / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Tokelau (the Union Islands) / American Samoa / Argentina / Cook Islands / Kiribati / Nauru / SaintVincent and the Grenadines / Samoa / Solomon Islands / Tajikistan / Timor-Leste / Tonga/ Tuvalu/ Uzbekistan/ Vanuatu / Uruguay, etc.

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