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Blumoo Remote Control and Streaming

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$119.00 $129.00

Enhance your home theater with Blumoo; stream music to your existing system and full remote control from your mobile devices.

Flyover Innovations LLC, a consumer electronics startup company, is finalizing the development of our first product - Blumoo - an open source hardware platform capable of controlling your home theater equipment and streaming music to your existing stereo equipment all from your favorite mobile device.

Blumoo Bob

 No need to waste your money buying inadequate Bluetooth speakers or high-end receivers to get the convenience of remote control and streaming from your mobile device.  Keep your existing system and add premium functionality with Blumoo.

 Typical Use Cases

How does Blumoo work?

Blumoo connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth technology to enable both universal remote control functionality and hi-fi audio streaming.

Blumoo ConnectionsThe Blumoo app (iOS and Android) that you download to your mobile device automatically loads the appropriate remote control database for your equipment.  The Blumoo app provides a simple, intuitive user interface on your mobile device for stereo controls as well as quick access to your media libraries and favorite streaming music apps.

The Blumoo "pod" integrates a powerful infrared (IR) transmitter that is universally compatible with standard home theater equipment.  Blumoo will be able to control all of your equipment from the primary "pod" IR transmitter for typical installations.  If it is desired to control several theater devices that are separated by closed cabinets, an additional IR emitter may be used to reach all devices.  Blumoo has an additional port on the cable that, if desired, can accept a readily-available, standard 3.5mm IR emitter cable.  Since the IR transmitter is located inside the stationary Blumoo "pod", your phone becomes the remote control to your standard equipment without the 'line-of-sight' limitations that are typical with most remote controls.  

Audio from your mobile device is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to Blumoo.  The audio is transmitted to the receiver from Blumoo via standard 3.5mm jack or RCA connections.  

 Protoype Blumoo

 What does the Blumoo app do?

The Blumoo app provides the remote control interface to your stereo equipment and quick access to your streaming and media app's.  To maintain an intuitive interface to the user, only relevant controls for the selected mode will be displayed.

If we can achieve our stretch goal, we will be able to create a full universal remote control app for iOS and Android to control all of your home entertainment equipment (TV, Blu-Ray, DVD Player, Receiver, Satellite, Cable Box, etc) - all from your single Blumoo hardware device!

Blumoo iOS/Andoid App

The standard main screen of the iOS/Android app includes quick access to power on the stereo receiver, volume control, and auxiliary selection.

If you are on your streaming auxiliary, you can access your media libraries or streaming app's by tapping the music icon.

If you are on CD or Tuner, you'll get quick access controls relevant for those functions.

 App main page when on streaming auxiliary

 Featured controls change based on selected aux


Blumoo is a flexible hardware platform that can be used to control any device with an infrared remote control (TV, DVD & Blu Ray players, Satellite Box, Cable Box, Projectors, Soundbars, and much more) associated with it from your mobile device.  Following launch we will provide an open API with our comprehensive IR code database to enable developers at-large to modify, expand, and make new Blumoo app variants!  The database is extremely large so we won't be posting it on here, but feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions of what the database includes...if it has an IR interface and you want to control it, theres a good chance our database includes it.

How do you set up Blumoo?

We designed the Blumoo hardware and app entirely around simplicity.  The entire Blumoo experience - from set-up to daily use - revolves around ease of use for you.

Simple, Simple, Simple

Blumoo connections 

Just a few simple steps to get your Blumoo installed:

1) Connect Blumoo audio output to your receiver or speaker system's input with standard RCA or 3.5mm connection.

2) Connect the included power cable to Blumoo and plug into a wall outlet.

3) Install the iOS or Android App on your mobile phone or tablet.  The setup wizard will walk you through installation.

4) Press the button on top of Blumoo to pair with your mobile device.

5) Select Manufacturer from drop down list.

Setup Wizard

Blumoo Models and Rewards:

We are offering the following Blumoo colors for our Indiegogo campaign.  The Brushed Aluminum version will be our trademark product that will be taken into market.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, we are offering the Black Chrome and the Royal Blue versions as Indiegogo exclusives and will only be available through this campaign.  

Brushed Aluminum Model

Black Chrome Model

Royal Blue Model


As questions come in, we'll update them here:

1.  What version of Bluetooth is used on Blumoo?

We are using Bluetooth v4.0.  We use A2DP profile for stereo audio transfer and SPP for remote control transfer between Blumoo and your mobile device.

2.  What if I have both an Android and an iOS device in my house - can I get both app downloads with a purchased package?

Yes. The Blumoo apps will be readily available for free download.

3.  What control functions are built into the app? What devices can it control?

The standard app will be launched as a music controller - it will be capable of controlling your receiver/tuner, and CD player.  The controls that are displayed on the app are relevant for the auxiliary that is selected. For example, if you select "tuner" then the controls displayed would be Power, Volume Control, Tune Up/Down, and your Preset Station selections.  If you selected "CD" as the auxiliary, the controls would be Power, Volume Control, Skip Forward/Back, Pause, Stop, and Disk Change.  If you select an open Aux we will default to showing streaming media controls - receiver Power, Volume Control, access to your mobile devices stored music (itunes, android music player) and access to your streaming app's (Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, etc).  If we are able to achieve our stretch goal, we will create an app that will allow you to use Blumoo to control all of your home theater devices (TV, DVD player, Stereo, Cable Box, etc).  Suggestions for additions to the app?  Let us know!!

4.  Can I have more than one device connected to Blumoo at a time?

Yes. We are targeting the ability to have 5 devices connected to Blumoo at a time!  We don't like looking for remotes, so we don't want you searching for your phone either...pick up whatever mobile device is closest to you (phone, tablet, itouch) and start controlling/streaming!

5.  When the full universal app is created that is able to control all of my home theater equipment (TV, DVD Player, Stereo, Cable Box, etc), will I need to add more Blumoo's or will one device be able to control all of these?

As long as all of your devices are in relatively close proximity as they typically are in a standard living room or theater installation, a single Blumoo hardware device will be able to control all of these devices.  If you have a device that is outside of the proximity (e.g. in a closed cabinet that will be away from the Blumoo "Pod") you can simply plug in an IR extension dongle into the available port on the Blumoo "Pod" cable. 

6.  Is there a 'learning' function for the unit if my equipment is not in the database?

Yes. We have incorporated a "learning" mode into the Blumoo in the rare chance that your equipment or specific control command is not included in the database.  If you are curious if your equipment is covered in the database, shoot me a message and I'll check for you! 


Project Timeline:


  • Indiegogo campaign


  • Cut tooling for injection molding
  • Order long leadtime components
  • Complete certification testing


  • Pilot Run (pre-production) build


  • Volume build and approval
  • App ready for distribution
  • Ship to Indiegogo contributors
  • SDK ready for developers

Project Overview

Our engineering team has more than 60 years combined experience in product development and manufacturing with high volume consumer electronics companies. We know there will always be small hiccups along the way when taking products from development to the market. The good news is that, in previous ventures, our team has likely faced and tackled whatever challenges may be ahead. We have the experience, insight, and tenacity to minimize and overcome them.

To minimize risks associated with the product we have constructed and are in the processes of vetting a comprehensive test plan to ensure the product meets compatibility requirements and fulfills our quality and robustness standards.
Final validation testing is ongoing but results to date have been very positive. We are at a point in the design process that we do not foresee any major technical hurdles that would affect the schedule.
We are preparing to send Blumoo out for final certifications and approvals from the appropriate agencies. There is always risk until the final paperwork is in hand, but this is not a new process for us and we are well prepared to remedy any issues if they arise.

The biggest hurdle with the app was finding a database that was comprehensive enough to cover the broad range of home theater equipment. This issue has been resolved and the focus is now on finalizing the user interface and menu structure. We have an experienced app developer and user interface consultant on the team to ensure an intuitive interface without losing necessary functionality.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain
We have selected a partner that will manufacture Blumoo. Our manufacturing partner is equipped to scale as needed to ensure that we can fulfill customer demand.
As with most companies, the biggest risk associated with Manufacturing and Supply Chain is related to forecasting appropriately to ensure that we overcome component leadtimes to secure appropriate quantities required to fulfill demand. We have strong relationships with our suppliers and maintain regular communication to keep them updated in order to minimize this risk as much as possible.


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