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Blocks - customisable smartwatch

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customisable smartwatch

Imagine countless blocks of cutting-edge technology, which you can snap together to build your own personal, unique wearable device...

+ processor + bluetooth + battery
Stay connected and deal with notifications on the go; email, text and social media.
on time
Never miss an important meeting with calendar/task reminders.
hands free
Deal with calls without pulling out your phone with the option of using a bluetooth headset.
effortless note-taking
Effortlessly record voice notes at the touch of a button.
your personal assistant
Reply to messages by voice, ask blocks to set reminders or even ask questions like "What time is my next meeting?"
swift entry
Enter secure areas with just a simple tap of your watch; no need to pull out your ID card.
easy payments
Keep your wallet safe; pay with a touch of your watch using contactless payment technology.
sim card
standard/micro/nano sim
ultra-portable phone
Don't worry about forgetting your phone, take your calls with your watch connected to a bluetooth headset.
touch scanner
secure login
Add an extra layer of security and use your fingerprint as a passcode.
your private cloud
Store all your work securely and keep it with you always: never lose a USB again.
circular screen
+ processor + bluetooth + battery
This stylish circular touch screen will let you connect to your smartphone with in-built bluetooth to see who's calling, view and swipe away notifications, and stay up to date with your schedule.


e-ink screen
+ processor + bluetooth + battery
last longer
Prolong battery life with energy saving E-ink technology.
sync your devices
Seamlessly sync your activity data via in-built bluetooh with your smartphone to analyse and share.
accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
reach your fitness goals
Automatically log your activity type, monitor your daily step count and measure calories you burn.
heart rate
perfect your workout
Monitor your heart rate during exercise, daily activities and even during your sleep to ensure you are working out as effectively as possible.
track your location
Track your route whilst cycling or running.
your personal trainer
Log your speed, distance and timing.
rectangular screen
+ processor + bluetooth + battery
Connect to your smartphone with in-built bluetooth to see who's calling, view and swipe away notifications, and stay up to date with your schedule, all on a classic rectangular touch screen.
fashion meets function
Each block is designed with removable covers, enabling you to customize your blocks with a range of materials and colours to suit your individual style.


for more information feel free to contact us via

Will blocks work with iPhone and Android phones?

Blocks will support both iOS and Android devices with a specially tailored operating system.

What can I buy during the crowdfounding campaign?

Every smartwatch will need to have a core block: a display that embeds a processor, a motion sensor and Bluetooth. The core block forms a device comparable to other smartwatches and will support all main features, such as reading notifications, text messages, emails and calendar alerts from your paired smartphone or track your sleep and activity.

In the crowdfunding campaign, you will be able to buy the core block with a circular display and any number of the following peripheral modules:

  • Extra battery block
  • Heart rate block
  • Location block (GPS)
  • Contactless payments block (NFC)

In the future we plan to produce and release many other modules. The beauty of blocks is that it is an open platform: private companies, researchers and a community of developers are working on creating new Blocks that you will be able to upgrade to in the future.

When will blocks go on sale?

Blocks will launch its crowdfunding campaign in summer 2015.

Blocks is a team of 12 engineers and designers who are working around the clock to make it the best modular wearable it can ever be. Based in the UK, we are working with partner companies in France, Germany, Italy and the U.S. to bring the latest technology to blocks wearables. Be assured that your own personal smartwatch will be as awesome as it could ever be and is definitely worth the wait!

BLOCKS Smartwatch Totally Customizable To Your Needs, Features Detachable Modules (video)


Blocks smartwatch

Having the option to create anything yourself is always good. Whether you’re creating your own hamburgers at a burger shop or creating your own workout at the gym for max results, it always feels great to know you have control over what you want. That’s exactly what the Indiegogo campaign for BLOCKS Smartwatch wants to provide your tech life – a customizable device that best suits your needs. The smartwatch is customizable to feature the things you want or use most thanks to its detachable modules. So you’ll be able to snap together hardware, sensors, app and more to create custom pieces of we able tech and the wristwatch that meets your needs. And then when that piece of hardware or sensor isn’t working for you anymore, all you have to do is swap it out for something else you want to use.


The individual blocks for the watch can do a lot of things like tell the time, receive call, give directions, a camera, gesture control, temperature, track your heart rate and more. Besides the modules, there’s also a variety of apps so you can extend your smartphone and get immediate access to what’s important with the BLOCKS Smartwatch. The company will also have open software so that developers can create new apps or build their own BLOCKS themselves, providing an endless choice of functions for your own personal smartwatch. Although its creators want the BLOCKS Smartwatchto be the last watch you’ll ever buy, you’ll still need to buy new unique BLOCKS as the OG ones wear out or are updated. But buying a few block here and there is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire device, so it makes sense. It’s currently being produced so leave your email here to be notified when it’s ready.

Blocks Smartwatch


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