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Blanx White Shock Toothpaste

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blanx whiteshock range 

Actilux® - The new innovation in whitening  

Every day, our teeth are attacked by organic molecules and bacteria that cause dirt, yellowing and bad breath. Actilux® naturally fights to restore whiteness and radiance to your smile. 

A simple and effective action.
Thanks to its micro-crystals, Actilux® binds to the enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating an invisible barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing. Its photocatalytic active ingredient lasts all day and is activated by light, thus destroying dirt molecules and naturally whitening your teeth.

The secret is light. Actilux® is activated by light, in way that does not damage your teeth, instead wiping away the "bad" dirt molecules, keeping your mouth clean and your gums hydrated.

Day after day, with each smile, thanks to the joint effort of light and Actilux®, your teeth are whitened and they regain their natural radiance!



From the BlanX laboratories comes BlanX White Shock, the new range of products with a revolutionary patented formula withActilux®, the active ingredient that uses the power of light to whiten teeth.


Guaranteed effective and safe! 
This new formula whitens teeth in a completely natural way and is effective from the very first time it's used.
It does not attack the enamel. 
The level of tooth abrasion is very low because it does not contain peroxides, optical whiteners or abrasive silica that can irritate and destroy the enamel. 

But it doesn't just whiten.
Thanks to its ingredients, Actilux® helps maintain your gums healthy and hydrated, removing the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities. 


Enamel protectionMoisture for your gums

Blanx White Shock
is here


BlanX White Shock - The everyday toothpaste that continues to whiten your teeth every time you smile. 

Everyone knows how important it is to have a nice smile.
Smiles express, hide and give voice to our emotions.

To be happy with your smile means being happy with yourself and with others.


All the secrets of BlanX LED accelerator 


Congratulations for choosing BlanX White Shock® with LED accelerator, the only technology which unleash the whitening power of Actilux formula. 


How does LED accelerator work?

Unscrew the cap of the BlanX White Shock tube and take off the safety seal
Take the BlanX LED out of the box and screw it onto the tube taking care not to use too much pressure
Unscrew the cap of the BlanX White Shock tube and take off the safety seal
The special and patented BlanX LED light will shine on the toothpaste while it is being placed onto the toothbrush immediately activating the whitening action of ActiluX®.
You can also use the LED light directly on your teeth, the more light they receive the whiter they will get!

Once you have finish the toothpaste you can screw the BlanX LED accelerator onto a new BlanX White Shock tube, both 75 and 50ml

Taking care of the LED accelerator

The LED Accelerator is a precious accessory. To ensure a correct and efficient usage we suggest you:

- Do not screw the LED too tightly onto the tube.

- After each use loosen the LED one turn to decrease the tension on the neck
of the tube.

The LED light accelerator is completely safe and should continue to work for up to  three months. 

Review BlanX White Shock Toothpaste with LED Light (Before & After)

商品名 BLANX ホワイトショックLED
内容量 61g
セット内容 ホワイトショック<ハミガキ>、LEDキャップ(アルカリボタン電池LR44使用)※電池の交換はできません。
商品説明 ・ブラッシング後、付属のLEDを歯に照射することにより、歯のケアします。
LEDキャップの電池の交換はできませんので、電池が切れた場合、再度BLANX ホワイトショックLEDをお買い求めください。
全成分 水、ソルビトール(湿潤剤)、含水シリカ(清掃剤)、グリセリン(保湿剤)、シリカ(清掃剤)、イソプロパノール(保存剤)、セルロースガム(粘結剤)、香料(ペパーミントタイプ)、キシリトール(甘味剤)、ヒドロキシアパタイト(研磨剤)、酸化チタン(安定剤)、サッカリンNa(甘味剤)、ミリストイルサルコシンNa、ココイルメチルタウリンNa(発泡剤)、安息香酸Na、フェノキシエタノール、ベンジンアルコール(保存剤)、エイランタイエキス(保湿剤)、リモネン(着香剤)、青1(着色剤)
ご使用方法 1:キャップをあけ、銀色のシールを剥がしてください。
ご注意 ●口中に傷がある場合は、ご使用を控えて下さい。
製造販売元 ビューティードア株式会社
商品区分 化粧品
広告文責 株式会社クレア(03-5843-6548)  

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