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Bite Away Insect Bite Healer

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Quick overview

26.99 $26.99

Elektronischer Stichheiler: einfache Anwendung, ohne Chemie, auch für Allergiker und Kinder geeignet
Produktdetails: Modusauswahl, drei oder fünf Sekunden, Keramische Kontaktfläche, zwei AA Batterien

Schnell und effektiv gegen Insektenstiche

Im Sommer oder auf Reisen lassen sich Stechmücken, Wespen, Bienen, Hornissen, Bremsen und andere Plagegeister kaum vermeiden. Dank bite away muss ein kleiner Stich oder Biss aber ab sofort kein großes Drama mehr sein. bite away kann durch Insektenstiche und -bisse ausgelösten Juckreiz, Schmerzen und Schwellungen schon ab der ersten Anwendung zuverlässig lindern.

✔ Einfache Anwendung

✔ Ohne Chemie – wirkt nur mit konzentrierter Wärme im Bereich um 51°C

✔ Patentiertes Medizinprodukt „Made in Germany“

  • Handliches Format in Stiftgröße
  • Günstige Alternative zu teuren Salben
  • Bis zu 300 Anwendungen mit einem Satz Batterien
Einfache Anwendung, zuverlässige Hilfe

Für die ganze Familie

Insektenstiche müssen kein Drama mehr sein. bite away funktioniert mit konzentrierter Wärme und ist damit chemiefrei – eine clevere Investition für jede Haushaltsapotheke!

Immer mit dabei

Ob beim Camping, Wandern oder auf Reisen – für viele Outdoor-Fans und Abenteurer ist bite away der wichtigste Ausrüstungsgegenstand. Batteriebetrieben und im handlichen Format passt bite away in jede Tasche.

So geht der Spaß nicht baden

Wo viel Haut auf viel Wasser trifft, sind Mücken, Wespen und Bremsen nicht weit. Darum darf bite away, die zuverlässige Hilfe bei Insektenstichen am Badesee, im Schwimmbad oder am Strand auf keinen Fall fehlen.

Jetzt ist draußen alles drin

Im eigenen Garten, beim Grillen oder abends auf dem Balkon: Insektenstiche und -bisse gehören leider zur warmen Jahreszeit. Genau wie bite away: So können Juckreiz und Schwellung sekundenschnell gelindert werden. 


In the summer or when travelling, you can hardly avoid being confronted by mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horse flies and other pests. Thanks to bite away®, however, a minor bite or sting doesn't need to turn into a major drama. From the first application, bite away® can provide relief from the itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings.

  • Easy to use
  • Free from chemicals - works solely by concentrated heat around 51°C
  • Also suitable for pregnant women, allergy sufferers and children*
  • Patented medical device „Made in Germany”

*self-application from 12 years of age


The ceramic contact surface of bite away® is placed on the bite or sting. After pressing one of the two buttons just once (3 seconds for the inital treatment and for more sensitive skin / 5 seconds for a regular application) a temperature of around 51°C is reached and maintained for the selected time.


  • Ceramic contact surface
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Up to 300 applications per battery life
  • pen size


What is bite away®?

bite away is an electronic device for the symptomatic treatment of itching, pain and swelling caused by insect stings and bites, works solely by concentrated heat and is thus completely free from chemicals. The application of concentrated heat (local hyperthermia) is a physical mode of action based on a brief, concentrated application of heat to a small, limited area of skin. This localised pulse of heat may be sufficient to trigger a response from the body that reduces itching and pain and subsequently causes any swelling to go down.

Who can use bite away®?

bite away® can be used by all people regardless of gender and age*. bite away® is also suitable for pregnant women, children* and allergy sufferers.

When using on children, please note that children’s skin is more sensitive to pain than that of adults. Prior to treating children, please tell them that bite away® will create heat that might feel unpleasant for a brief moment.

*self-application from 12 years of age

How does bite away® work?

The ceramic contact surface of bite away® is placed on the sting or bite.

After pressing one of the two buttons only once (3 seconds for the initial treatment and for more sensitive skin / 5 seconds for a regular application) a temperature of around 51°C is reached and maintained for the selected time.

*self-administration from 12 years of age

When should I use bite away®?

If the device is applied immediately after the sting/bite, the symptoms can normally be prevented altogether, so the affected site on the body should be treated as quickly as possible. Even if the device is used slightly later, the symptoms can fade away sooner.

How should I apply bite away®?

The ceramic contact surface on the tip of your bite away®  device is placed on the sting or bite. After pressing one of the two buttons only once (3 seconds for the initial treatment and for more sensitive skin or 5 seconds for a regular application) a temperature of around 51°C is reached and maintained for the selected time.

If symptoms do not disappear completely, the application can be repeated Be sure to leave a treatment interval of at least 2 minutes between each application. Do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same insect sting or bite.

Does bite away® make mosquito bites or insect bites go away?

No. bite away® treats the symptoms caused by insect bites or stings, which means that itching, pain and swelling is usually treated quickly and effectively.

What is included in the pack?

The pack includes the device as well as two AA LR6 1,5V batteries.

Are there any side effects when using bite away®?

As opposed to creams, gels and tablets that are used to treat the itching and swelling associated with insect bites, bite away® is completely free from chemicals. Depending on sensitivity, the treatment temperature may cause some discomfort.

In sensitive individuals, a temporary reddening of the skin may occur after use. In rare cases, users with sensitive skin types may experience skin irritation.

Are there any at-risk groups such as people with pacemakers, pregnant women, people with allergies or epileptics who would not be allowed to use bite away®?

For pregnant women, allergy sufferers and epileptics there is no restriction in the application, as bite away® works completely without chemicals and solely by concentrated heat. Restrictions apply to:

•   small-fibre neuropathy, allodynia, hyperalgesia

•   tumours and malignant changes of the skin

•   people with reduced sensitivity due to physical or medical complaints

•   sensitive skin areas or skin areas with poor blood supply.

How long do the batteries last and how can I change them?

The AA LR6 1,5V batteries included in the pack will work for up to 300 applications and can be changed, when needed. When wanting to change the batteries, please remove the battery cap. bite away® will let you know when the batteries need to be changed: the LEDs will flash three times and the acoustic signal will sound three times.

Please note: If you have a device from batch number 13/A01 or 13/A02, please ensure the batteries’ correct polarity; devices of this batch do not come with an electronic polarity protection (the worst-case scenario would be the development of a short circuit).

The following image shows you how to correctly insert the batteries:

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