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Bionic Bird Premium Package

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Quick overview

$99.99 $119.99

From great outdoors down to your living room, pilot your Bionic Bird from your smartphone or tablet. Bionic Bird Premium is packed with micro technologies: weighing less than 10 grams (0.35 ounces), flying up to 350 feet range, allowing him to follow real birds up to the clouds, in total harmony with Nature...

Bionic Bird isn’t just another flying machine. Bionic bird is a minaturized replica of a living being. The size of a swallow, the way it mimics flying and gliding is so convincing that even birds think its real. Drone technology is taking a huge step forward.

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Bionic Bird Premium Package

The complete package for the ultimate experience with complete autonomy.

The ability to fly like a bird is something that is shared by no other flying object except the Bionic Bird! Watch Bionic Bird fly majestically towards the sky, turn, glide, skilfully skip over hedges and treetops.

flying robot, drone, smartphone controlled, bird, outdoor fun

Fly it With Your Smartphone

With Bionic Bird comes the Flying App, an intuitive, easy-to-learn, free application that can be mastered in less than five minutes. You’ll get a full control of your bird handling the phone in only one hand!

flying robot, drone, smartphone controlled, bird, outdoor fun

Bird Experience

Bionic Bird offers a unique experience: to fly like a bird… among real birds. But watch out, Bionic Bird also attracts predators such as hawks that won’t hesitate to attack it (don’t worry, its sturdy body resists damage).

flying robot, drone, smartphone controlled, bird, outdoor fun, egg charger, nomad

The Nomad Egg

Bionic Bird Deluxe sits on a turbo charge egg that acts as a portable charger to quickly charge 10 times the bird wherever you are in 12 minutes for an awesome 8 minutes flying time. Range: 350 feet. Flying speed: adjustable from 4 to 12 mph!

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Inside the Box

In its velvet-lined luxurious box set, the Bionic Bird Premium Package contains: 1 bird ready-to-fly, 1 QR code to download the free App, 1 egg (portative charger) to quickly charge the bird wherever you are, 2 spare wings, 1 USB cord to charge the egg, 1 packet of aluminium weights to balance wings

Charging The Bird


Balancing The Wings


Bionic Bird seems to be delicate and fragile, how should I handle it?


The product has been tested to last over hundreds of flight cycles and it  is manufactured with materials that are both flexible and robust. Its lightness is actually an asset when impacting with obstacles. so there is no risk of damaging the bird if it hits a wall or the ground, even at full speed. However, it’s still a high-tech product and should be handled with care when it’s not flying. Avoid grasping the bird by its wings or its tail and hold it by its foam body instead. Be careful to keep the wings from hitting  other objects while handling the bird. Never leave it rest with weight bearing on its wings, underneath another object or directly exposed to the sun for long periods.

Can I allow my children to play with Bionic Bird?


Yes, it they are more than ten-years old. If not, it’s not advisable to let a young child handle Bionic Bird. It’s a high-tech product that doesn’t meet the safety requirements for toys. However, we guarantee your children will be delighted by the show of Bionic Bird in flight!

Is the product under guarantee? 

This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defaults, in normal conditions of use (described in the manual provided), for 30 days after the date of purchase. Keep your proof of purchase for any claims.

Which items are included in the box?


  • Your Bionic Bird which is ready to fly
  • The portable charging egg and USB cord
  • Two spare wings
  • A packet of aluminium weights to balance the wings
  • A card with a QR code to download the app free of charge
What type of Smartphone is the application available for?


Any Apple or Android smartphone model that corresponds to the following criteria:

Apple : iOS 7 and later.

iPhone (6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s) – iPod touch – iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th generation).

Android 4.3 and later.

Where can I download the app to pilot my Bionic Bird? 

Go to the App Store or Google Play using your smartphone or tablet and search for Bionic Bird.

Can I use the app with any version of iPhone or Android?


Almost! The app is available for all devices equipped with Bluetooth . Verify if your device is compatible with the following devices:

Apple : iOS 7 and later.

iPhone (6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s) – iPod touch – iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th generation).

Android 4.3 and later.

How does the connection between Bionic Bird and my smartphone work? 

Marvellously thanks to the Bluetooth 4 protocol. This will allow you to fly Bionic Bird with a range of more than 100 metres!

Can I fly with several friends at the same time? 

Of course! You can fly with several people at the same time because each person’s smartphone is synchronised with their own bird. You can also give a customized name to each Bionic Bird which will be registered on the smartphone. If you have several birds, they will be recognised instantly.

What is the egg for?


The egg recharges your Bionic Bird up to 12 times. It’s a portable charger and it becomes very practical when you’re spending the day outside in nature. It’s also a designer perch for the bird when it’s resting.

How does the egg work?


The egg is a portable charger. A high-capacity battery is integrated that allows for 10 complete recharges of the bird without needing to recharge the egg. It recharges via a USB cord and your computer in about one hour. Your Bionic Bird will then be able to recharge on the egg in a record time of 12 minutes!

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