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Beurer infrared heat lamp

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70 $70.00
wellness wellbeing infrared light lamp red light therapy therapeutic heat beurer IL50 bronchial
beurer il50 heat lamp warmth soothing red light therapy therapeutic relief pain joint arthritis

Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp

Drug Free and Non Invasive Pain Relief

The Beurer Infrared Red Light Therapy can be used to combat colds, tensions & muscle soreness, all while improving blood circulation and flexibility. The unit features a large infrared light surface, so that it can be used even on large parts of the body - such as the chest & back. can be irradiated. With an easily adjustable shade, the tilt angle helps to achieve perfect alignment.

Please reach out to our customer service team for replacement bulb inquiries.

  • Red light surface: 11.8" x 15.7"
  • Adjustable shade from 0-50 degrees
  • Ceramic glass plate
  • 100% UV blocker
  • Digital display of treatment time
  • Timer with automatic switch-off
  • Active ventilation with overheating protection
beurer infrared red light therapy therapeutic relief arthritis bronchial congestion muscle stifness

How It Works

When infrared heat hits the targeted area, the warmth opens up the capillaries, improves the circulation and aids to naturally get rid of toxins that are inside the body, encouraging the joints, muscles and damaged tissue to heal. When your muscles are warm, they automatically relax to reduce stiffness and loosen up to help your joints’ flexibility.

The Red Light Therapy Lamp can also be used to provide warming relief of colds, muscle ache and tension. The Infrared Lamp can also be used to support the treatment of bronchial congestion as it reduces inflammation, swelling and clears mucous clogged passages.

soothing ceramic glass LED red light back chest pain sore muscle tissue massage cold heat warmth

Want to Know More?

Our Infrared Heat Lamp can be used to treat a variety of different parts of the body such as the back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. The size of the treatment area covered by the infrared lamp is 11.8" x 15.7" making it ideal for use on larger parts of the body. All treatment areas should be kept a minimum distance of 12-16" between the lamp and the body.

soothing ceramic glass LED red light back chest pain sore muscle tissue massage cold heat warmth

Treatment Areas

treatment bulb red light redlight therapeutic pain relief cold bronchial congestion sick back chest

Supportive Treatment

infrared red light therapy beurer il50 relief treatment heat muscle tension pain soothing philips

Key Features

warnings infrared heat lamp red light bronchial congestion TENS flexibility muscle tension relief


It is strongly recommended not to use the unit if you are sensitive to heat. Heat sensitivity can be reduced or increased in the following cases:

  • In diabetic patients.
  • In people suffering from drowsiness, dementia or a lack of concentration.
  • In people with skin changes caused by illness.
  • In people with scarred skin in the treatment area.
  • In people with allergies.
  • In children and elderly people.
  • After taking medicine or consuming alcohol.
  • In cases of acute inflammatory processes, the unit should only be used after consultation with a doctor.

The infrared heat lamp is ideal for colds and muscle tension. It has a continuously adjustable shade, a timer with automatic switch-off and individually adjustable treatment time.

  • Soothing heat
  • For colds and muscle tension
  • Continuously adjustable shade from 0 to 50 degrees
  • Ceramic glass plate
  • 100% UV blocker
  • Individually adjustable treatment time with display
  • Timer with automatic switch-off after set time expires
  • Active ventilation
  • Overheating protection
  • Cord winder
  • Medical device
Technical details
Product designation Infrared heat lamp
Treatment time display yes
Irradiated area 30 x 40 cm
Output in watts 300
Medical device yes
Angle settings Stufenlos verstellbarer Schirm von 0-50 Grad
Timer with automatic switch-off Digital timer can be set from 1 – 15 min
Product dimensions 152 x 72 cm
Product dimensions (W x H x D) 27.0 x 28.5 x 19.5 cm
CE yes
Warranty in years (You can find more information about the warranty conditions in the manual.) 3
EAN 4211125619008
Item number 61900

300 watts

Automatic switch-off 
The product is equipped with an automatic switch-off function

Ceramic glass plate 
Ceramic glass plate

Infrared light 
For use with colds and muscle tension

Adjustable inclination 
Continuously adjustable tilt angle

Digital timer 
Individually adjustable treatment time with display (1-15 minutes)

Radiation field 
30 x 40 cm

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