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Baby Foot - Deep Exfoliation For Feet peel

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13.99 $13.99

Just wear it, soak it, let it flow. Gangko horny keloid, killing of the sole in three steps easy

The soles of the feet are dry and hard, fluffy · · ·. Do you experience such that the heel is cracked and hurts, getting caught in stockings and carpets?

Foot peeling pack that allows baby foot to peel naturally without scraping the horny of the sole. With just wearing, soaking and rinsing, after a few days the horny that was softened by fruit acid peeled off by daily walking, into a bare feet like baby.

Easy cleanness with no horny care

Care that scrapes with rasp and pumice stone, if you do it by yourself, it does not understand adjustment and it may hurt the skin. Just baby foot is soaked with foot soaked with gel lotion containing fruit acid and rinsed it, wash away from 2 to 10 days after use ※, the horny of old feet are walking in everyday walking Friction peels off, beautiful bare feet appear. 
There are individual differences in the number of days when horny skin begins. Depending on the thickness of horny skin and the daily living environment, there are individual differences in how to keratin. Start walking gradually due to daily walking etc.

How horny is coming off

It is said that fruit acid used as a component of chemical peeling acts on an adhesive that connects keratinocytes, making it easy to remove old horn. In baby foot, gel containing fruit acid penetrates into the old stratum corneum, which makes horny easily peeled off, and unnecessary horny matter is peeled off by friction by walking etc. Horny is peeled naturally by everyday movements, so care with less burden on your skin is possible.

The main ingredient is "fruit acid", 17 different plant extract formulations

Alpha hydroxy acid as the main component is generic name of glycolic acid · lactic acid · malic acid. It is called fruit acid because it is often contained in fruits. 
Fruit acid is an acid found in fruits and is generally used for chemical peeling because it is said to have an effect of weakening the bonding strength between horny cells. 
In addition, since 17 types of plant extracts with high moisturizing effect are compounded, the sole of the foot after moisture falls is moist. Not only does it soften the aging horny body, it also moisturizes the skin.

Easy care for horny parts of difficult parts to scrape

Since the entire foot is soaked in lotion, you can easily care for fine parts such as fine parts difficult to scrape, such as between the fingers and fingers that can not be carefully done, and horny qualities around the nails.

There are individual differences in the number of days when horny skin begins. Depending on the thickness of horny skin and the daily living environment, there are individual differences in how to keratin. Start walking gradually due to daily walking etc.

Mandarin orange scent feels refreshing and cleanliness

Mandarin Orange scent gives you a refreshing feeling of comfort with transparency.

From 22 cm to 27 cm.

For a wide range of sizes Since there is size expansion from S size to M size, you can use from the smaller foot.

For regular care, busy people, 30 minutes type of time is recommended

From customer's voice, trial and error repeatedly, shortened type which shortened the immersion time to 30 minutes. By making the prescription easy to penetrate the stratum corneum with ingredients, the effect of 60 minutes type and the gentleness to your skin realized the shortening time as it is. Recommended for those who are repeaters or who want to care for crispness at short times. You can also use it for those who are busy with parenting or work.

  • Those who are busy with work and are unable to take time easily at home
  • Those who can not take time with small children
  • Those who do not accumulate much horny matter
  • Those who regularly use baby feet, those who use repeat
  • Those who do not show to the person, who are resistant to becoming barefoot without confidence in soles and heels

Tips to use baby foot effectively from reading from the voice of the loved one

In the voice you gave to your loved ones, it seems that lotion became easy to familiar if you soaked your feet slowly by bathing and foot bath before wearing. After wearing please also massage the pack from the outside so as to evenly spread the gel evenly. Let's make the hard part intimately infiltrated. Recommended because it is warm on the top when packing is done when wearing room socks from the top when it is cold.

From next day, if you do not feel peeling ... Please thoroughly take a bath. It seems that there are many things that you realize that keratin starts to peel off after bathing.

Let's avoid using the timing to show travel and bare feet

After using the baby foot, the horny thing fallen when it is bare feet are scattered around. Avoid the environment where you can show bare feet as much as possible, adjust the timing of use as much as possible. In addition, the skin after baby foot use is delicate like the baby 's skin. Please be careful not to apply strong force suddenly.

How to use

Just wear, soak, rinse off!

● Please be sure to perform patch test 2 days before using this product. 
Please use the patch test gel included in "Baby Foot Easy Pack". First apply a small amount of gel to the instep and wait for 30 minutes. 
After that, wipe gently with a towel etc carefully washed off.

Please use care with your skin carefully as it is not abnormal ※. 
※ If abnormality occurs on your skin, please stop using this product.

STEP 1 Open with the scissors along the cutting line at the top of the foot pack wearing, wear as it is. 
Adjust the surplus part with the attached tape and fasten it so that the foot pack and the ankle, such as the foot pack are in close contact with the foot.

STEP 2 Please wait for 30 minutes with the foot pack to soak . Since it is a 3D footpack unique to baby foot that is hard to break, going to pick up drinks or going to a washroom is a light move. However, if you move violently, it is likely that you will get a fixed tape or the footpack may be torn, so it is recommended that you spend as much time as possible, such as reading a book.

STEP 3 Take off the rinse off foot pack and rinse the gel. 
In that case, it is easy to slide your feet when gel is left, so please rinse thoroughly with soap etc. Also, since there is a fear of discoloration, rinse well in the bathroom etc so that gel does not remain.

By care of bare feet, more freely, active

People who care well at the feet that are visible to the bare feet till the bare feet are attentive to the invisible place and are wonderful. When the soles and heels are being carefully care, I also want to wear favorite shoes and I want to go out. By caring for the bare feet, not only to solve the troubles of the sole but more freely, active, attractive!

In the early spring before the barefoot season comes to the autumn in the bare feet in the summer barefoot on the soles of the feet dry and the feet tend to be rustling and heels tend to be ticky In the winter a hot spring and a tropical resort such as a tropical resort are bare feet in about 2 weeks ago

Periodically, by naturally dropping the old horn with a baby foot, the effect of daily moisturizing care is smoothed.Let's enjoy the barefoot LIFE actively by keeping the soles of the slippery lumps.

About itemsInternal capacity 
S size (up to 24 cm): one foot 35 ml 
M size (up to 27 cm): one leg 35 ml 
L size (up to 30 cm): one leg 42 ml 
Country of Origin - Japan 

Type - Cosmetics 

All ingredients <br> Water, ethanol, isopropanol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol, glycerin, hydroxide K, glucose, BG, arginine, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, PEG-60 water Castor oil, Salicylic acid, Citric acid, Malic acid, Cymen-5-ol, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Orange peel oil, Grapefruit peel oil, Lemon grass oil, Netherlands leaf / stem extract, Burdock root extract, Savory leaf extract, Kizuta leaf / stem extract, sage leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, clematis leaf extract, honeysuckle flower extract, horsetail extract, Hibamata extract, chaba extract, chamomile flower extract, docomanda extract, perfumeNotesBe sure to read the instruction manual carefully before using, please use according to the procedure. Please use carefully whether there is abnormality on your skin. 

If your skin does not fit, please discontinue use. 

Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, direct sunlight. 

Although the inside gel may be discolored due to blending of plant ingredients, there is no problem in quality. 

Please keep it out of reach of children. Please do not use near flames. 

Before menstruation, during menstruation, during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, hormonal balance tends to collapse and it is a period when your skin is sensitive, so please be careful when using this product. 

Also, please make patch test when using. 

Since pedicure (including gel nail etc.) may be discolored or peeled off, please be sure to drop it before dropping it. 
Regardless of the presence or absence of effect, when using it for the second time or later, please use at least 1 month or more before opening. 
If you experience direct sunlight on your skin during use or use, stop using it immediately when rash, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, colored omission (vitiligo etc.) or dark spots appear, use specialist We recommend you to consult with us. 
Do not use if there is abnormality on your skin such as scratches, eczema, swollen skin etc. 
This product can not be used as a therapeutic agent for octopus and octopus. 
Please do not use for parts other than feet. 
After use, please avoid direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a long time or refrain from intense exercise. 
Do not forcibly peel off the horny as it may cause pain in your to usePlease perform patch test 48 hours before use. 
① Please open the foot pack with scissors along the dotted line with your feet clean, such as taking a bath. 
(2) Adjust so that it comes into close contact with your skin with the attached fixing tape so that the foot pack does not come off, wait for 30 minutes as it is. When walking please be careful not to torn the pack or topple. 
③ After 30 minutes elapse from use, please remove the foot pack and rinse thoroughly with the soap etc. the gel attached to the foot.

Q & A


Currently, four kinds are released in baby foot. If you have lots of things, you will notice which one is lost. When using for the first time we recommend Easy Pack's 60 minute type, but we also have other items for repeater visitors as well. 
If you are worried about yourself, why not try checking what baby foot is good for diagnosis that you can choose the perfect baby foot.

【Baby Foot Diagnosis】


Especially, there is no setting of age, but it is a product for those who have become thicker. Children and those who are under high school students may have skin thinner and cause rough skin due to some factors. Before using, be sure to patch test, please use at your parent's discretion.


I apologize for inconveniencing you even though I bought it carefully. 
If you open the baby foot and the gel of the foot pack is leaking, please contact Libertà Customer Dial 0120-718-456 . We will exchange it with a better product. 
Please put the baby foot where the liquid leaked into a plastic bag etc., and want to return it to Liberta at the time of exchange with a good item, please keep it. 
Also, is there anything that got dirty? Since baby foot gel is the main ingredient of fruit acid, if it gets stuck on flooring floor etc, there is a risk of discoloring, so if things around you are dirty with baby foot gel, immediately warm lukewarm water Please wipe it with lightly tapping with a towel squeezed with.

※ For the exchange, we will limit it to unused and purchased items within the last one year. 
※ For inquiries regarding actual products purchased outside the official online store, please contact the place of purchase.


There is a possibility that some ingredients did not match your skin. Please stop using it immediately, rinse out the part with the gel clean, and look at the state for several days. 
Although it is often reddish in 2-3 days, if redness does not pull or itch and pain is present, we will sorry for the inconvenience but please contact Libertado Customer Dial 0120-718-456 .


For those who are favored by baby foot, please give me a nice voice saying "I should have done it like this!" From those devising usage. 
Although there are individual differences, I would like you to feel the effect to many people who use it, so please try to use it when using baby foot.

POINT 1 [Preparation] Sprinkle horny with a bathtub slowly

POINT 2 [In use] To squeeze socks from the top of the foot pack for close contact, a little rubbing

POINT 3 【How to spend after use】 Sprinkle horny with sprinkling water in a bathtub until use is over after use


It was disappointing without being the way you imagined it. How did you go about it? 
Perhaps you may find something that applies within the user survey, "For Melody," "Polo," and "For Uroko". Baby foot has been found by user survey which periodically carries out that there are differences in the way of going around depending on thickness, constitution, lifestyle, etc. of horny skin and there are various way to go. 
Why not try looking for what you are going to do for you.

【View the findings】


What day is it from now? Please refer to the following depending on the number of days elapsed.

【The day of use ~ about a week passed】 
The time to start peeling off using baby foot is different for each person's daily exercise amount, the number of days to start peeling by metabolism, there are people who can peel off after 10 days elapse. 
Those who have been about 1 week old from use, please see the situation a while until about 10 days have elapsed.

【More than 10 days passed】 
Baby foot penetrates into the stratum corneum of gel and decomposes protein adhering horny matter together, 
Everyday friction such as walking is added to the place where it becomes easy to be peeled off, it is a product from which horny matter peels off.Therefore, it seems that sometimes it will not be able to peel off well if gel penetration is insufficient due to thick keratin and drying of the sole. 
But do not give up! Because we have a system that you can use baby foot again for free at the Libertada "Retry System" in order to get a voice that the 2nd person was peeled from the 1st time, please use by all means. 
Only one person can be accepted by phone only, but please contact Libertado Customer Dial 0120-718-456 .

Please check the detailed application method on the brand site. 
【Retry system】


Thank you for always using it.

The penetration component is blended so that it can be peeled off like the 60-minute type in the 30-minute type, but due to the short penetration time, there is a possibility that the gel did not permeate into the old horny layer and did not peel off. Perhaps the 60 minute type was better.

When it is used for the first time in a long time, when horny horn is thick, there are times when the 60-minute type person can be peeled off depending on individual constitutional differences. Please try it in 60 minutes type after a month.

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