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BATH MAG - Magnesium de hydrogen bath

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$89.99 $139.99

The surface continuously generates 0.6 to 1.2 ppm of hydrogen 

Change to a weak alkaline ion hydrogen bath 

Magnesium de hydrogen bath 

BATHMAG is a hydrogen of alkali ion made of high purity magnesium, so you can enjoy a naturally friendly hydrogen bath.Magnesium is one of the important minerals for us humans. It is a harmless and natural environment friendly product that can be used with confidence for people with sensitive skin and babies with allergies. 

As we live on the earth, we can not live without oxygen, but we are exposed (oxidized) to oxygen every day. In other words, we are aging, but hydrogen reduces the oxidation of the body and discharges rust outside the body. Besides, since the particles of hydrogen are the smallest in the universe, it is very effective to absorb them from the skin of the whole body. 

So, if you take a bath in a hydrogen bath every day, your skin will become smooth and smooth! In search of this dreamy hydrogen bath effect, I saw using this baby mug! 

When I thought that it would be an ion hydrogen bath just by putting in this bath mug, the bath in my house was exciting and exciting.When hot water is stored in the bath tub, put two bath mugs at the same time. When the hot water is full, it is bathing! Bathing time is about 10 minutes with warm water. If you massage your whole body with Basmag, you can take hydrogen from your skin more effectively. (Hydrogen is generally said to be absorbed by warm water and absorbed by the entire body for about 7 minutes.) 

When you take a hydrogen bath, hydrogen will remove dirt from your skin, so you won't have to rub it away. It may not be a bathing item that is very useful for people with atopic or weak skin. 

I also washed my hair with hydrogen water in the bathtub. I felt that the dirt on the pores was better than usual. If you continue this every day, hydrogen will enter from the pores of the whole body and the stains will fall, so will your skin become bright in one tone? I would expect. 

Still, I have only tried a little, but with baby mug, the effect was outstanding, so from now on, I am looking forward to it. I hear that my body gets warm and it's hard to get cold, so I'm looking forward to the cold winter baths. 

After use, it is the same as Baby Mug, and it will continue to generate hydrogen if it is wet. So, take it dry, dry it, put it in the laundry net with the laundry, wash it, dehydrate it and dry it. 

* Harmless and environmentally friendly BATH MAG! 

■ Hydrogen bath "BATH MAG" 

■ We do not use electricity and easily use hydrogen bath ■ High purity magnesium use ■ Cute form such as beanbag ■ We change to hydrogen bath of weak alkaline ion ■ Hydrogen 0.6 ~ 1.2 ppm is generated continuously from the surface ■ Purity Use 99.95% pure metallic magnesium 

Due to the redox reaction between high purity magnesium and hot water, 0.6 ppm to 1.2 ppm of hydrogen is constantly generated from the net body. Since it is in the shape of a handball, it can be easily incorporated hydrogen into the whole body skin unlike the mechanical type. You can take hydrogen directly into your skin from the massage. You can also expect the effects of disinfecting, deodorizing and cleaning inside the bath from alkaline ionized water.

【raw materials】 
Sewing material: 100% polyester 

【Overview of standard】 
Product size ... W120 * D 120 * H 20 mm 
Capacity ... 300 g (150 g * 2 pieces) 
Component: purity 99.95% metallic magnesium particles 
(Hydrogen bath with magnesium, magnesium bath and hydrogen bath, bath bed) 

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