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Born to Fly Baby

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459 $459.00

Estimated deliveryMay 2017

We loved a spontaneous adventure together. Then we had our baby. 

As new parents we quickly discovered that we had been excluded from the world of travel. Our first airport experience with baby was nothing short of horrendous. You can't really know how bad it is... until you do it.

The problem: Strollers have to be checked in as oversized luggage and they get damaged and/or dirty in transit (it is crazily common, google it). Once that is done you don't have a stroller for a few stressful airport hours OR you might get stuck lugging everything for the entire trip.

What else drove us to fear the flight?

  • You only get one carry-on item for both you and your infant
  • If there is a usable parents room at the airport count your lucky stars 
  • Baby has no place to sleep or sit (especially when you need your hands to get things like boarding passes, wipes and coffee)
  • You can't pee! really. If you are carrying the baby and your bags whilst travelling solo, good luck is all I can say. 

Born to Fly Baby has been specifically designed to solve all of these problems. 


With Josie's amazing idea and the skills of genius Industrial Designer & Inventor partner Benjamin Newman, Born to Fly Baby was made.

We dreamt big and held nothing back in creating the ultimate baby travel system, Born to Fly Baby. There are absolutely no compromises to be found in this travel bag baby! It will come with full American, European and Australian/NZ safety standard compliance and all fit within the international carry-on luggage sizing. Incredible!

So what do you get? Your Born to Fly Baby essential baby travel system contains:
  • Spacious carry-on flight & weekender case with built-in (and removable) compact reclining city stroller with rear and front facing push (1&2)
  • The stroller component is suitable for a newborn baby to 3-4 years (or a maximum of 17kgs) (1&2)
  • The stroller component includes a removable and breathable infant head, neck and shoulder support (3)
  • Once the stroller component is removed from the case, it becomes a safe 5 point strap in floor seat for baby to use at your destination (2)
  • A portable change purse that stores diapers, bags and wipes for those icky situations on the road (4)
  • A USB port travel charger so you never go offline (unless you want to) (5)
  • A dirty laundry organiser for that inevitable baby poop mayhem! (6)


If you support us here on Kickstarter you will not only make this product a shiny new reality and be amongst the first jet setting parentals to own a Born to Fly Baby - but you will also save over $200AUD on the final $RRP.

"As the International Nanny of the year 2016 and owner of Top Baby Guru I cannot wait to see this and recommend it to all my clients worldwide" - Helen McCarthy


As with any carry-on case you have to be smart with what you pack. That said, we have been able to pack for both mum and baby for a long weekend, and have just utilised the included laundry organiser for a wash on longer trips. 

**With the exception of nappies/diapers as they take up so much space. We bring enough for the journey itself and the first night only and then buy more at our destination.



Born to Fly Baby is not just a smart carry-on case, and it is not just a compact stroller - take a look below and you will see that It is a whole lot more! 

Design Features:

  • Carry-on flight case size to suit international airline standards
  • Folded up the case is 22cm x 35cm x 55cm
  • Dual rear brakes and linked front brake 
  • Quick release main stroller/case handle 
  • Quick and easy chair fold and re-position 
  • Safety wrist strap 
  • Castor wheel locks for fixed forward direction 
  • Removable seat for use at your destination 
  • Removable seat liners for cleaning 
  • Removable USB device charger, in purpose built pocket. 

Born to Fly Baby meets and surpasses all of the required safety and travel standards:



What else can you use it for? Your Born to Fy Baby carry-on & weekender bag stroller is ideal for:

  • Airport travel 
  • Road trips
  • Weekends away with baby
  • Co-parenting hand overs
  • Sleepovers & babysitting (Like at Grandmas & Grandpas!)
  • Basically hanging out anywhere that doesn't have baby stuff
  • All good adventuring like picnics, day trips & big city exploring!

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