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AVIADOR - tracker wallet

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Quick overview

Estimated delivery: December 2015


Minimalist wallets have seen a huge spike in popularity over the past few years. Slimmer. Smarter. Better.

One would think there is only so much you could do with a wallet, but we have got for you some great stuff. We are all for the shift into the slim wallet era.

Therefore, if you have decided it is about time you invest into a streamlined, minimalist wallet for yourself – we have something really exciting for you!

If you are looking for something minimal, with lots of functions – we have got you covered.

We took as an example the most stylish and handy of all the existing formats of wallets, with exquisite operating characteristics and a practical design.



AVIADOR is not just a practical and beautiful accessory, but also a multifunctional device with a set of absolutely unique features. It’s an absolutely new kind of accessory that you have never seen before. 






Please note! This model does not include the following features:
Wallet Open Alert and Flash memory.  

AVIADOR Black - is a fashionable, handmade tracker wallet comes in a black enameled body. Made out of high quality leather, equipped with 8 GB USB flash memory, NFC chip and electronic key, Panic Button 

AVIADOR Silver - is a fashionable, handmade tracker wallet comes in a silvered body. Made out of high quality leather, equipped with 8 GB USB flash memory, NFC chip and electronic key, Panic Button 


AVIADOR Gold - is a fashionable, handmade tracker wallet comes in a gold plated body. Made out of high quality leather, equipped with 8 GB USB flash memory, NFC chip and electronic key, Panic Button 


AVIADOR Limited - is a fashionable, handmade tracker wallet, comes in a body of your choice. Made out of high quality snake leather, equipped with 32 GB USB flash memory, NFC chip and electronic key, Panic Button  

 The Tracking option will prevent you from losing sight of your wallet and losing your money and valuable information. Once you enable this option, you will receive alerts on increasing distance between the wallet and the Smartphone, so you can quickly return to the place where you have left your wallet. This application will help you finding your phone by displaying the distance left until the wallet. 

The connection works both ways: not only you can find your wallet using your mobile phone, but you can also find your mobile phone using your wallet. You can easily find your phone by pressing the button on your wallet, which will activate tracking regime on your phone and it will ring, helping you find it quickly! 

 AVIADOR can inform you when your wallet is being opened, so you will always know when your wallet was opened and keep track of your valuable belongings.Just activate an alarm regime and your wallet will inform you about each time when your wallet is being opened.In case you are in the coverage zone – you will receive notification in the moment of opening, and if you are out of coverage, you will receive the notifications of all the attempts of using your money, once the wallet will be in the coverage zone.

 That is not all. One of the wallet’s features is a built in NFC chip, which means that you can pay for your purchases, provide personal information from your business card and so on (check out the NFC options). AVIADOR is also equipped to be used as an electronic key.

You don’t need to worry about your wallet and your mobile phone – you’d better take care of yourself. In case of a dangerous event, you can calmly give the mugger your wallet after you break one of its corners. This Panic Button will activate the SOS regime

Immediately showing the location of the mugger. This data could be used to help the police, to notify your relatives or for your personal use.

When designing the wallet, we paid particular attention to the quality. The wallet is handmade. We use Herbert Kade leather, which is perhaps the best Austrian leather in the world. 

 We apply rigorous quality standards to the metal part of the wallet that contains the digital information of the device and the memory card. This will make your wallet truly unique.


Built-in BLT4 module with accelerometer, allows  the implementation of amazing features. Even last year this was just a dream and now its about to come true. Whilst working on our prototype, we have paid special attention to the features that are still not available to the users of the BLT trackers. We had to work hard to make the SOS and PANIC functions very reliable, as they will help you save your property and possibly life. To be able to use all the features of AVIADOR tracker wallet, all you need to do is to install a special application to your smartphone and synchronize it with AVIADOR tracker wallet. The application will allow you to make configuration to the SOS notification settings, provide telephone number to send notifications to in case of emergency. The message will contain customized text and GPS coordinates of the location, as well as information about the subsequent movement of the phone at specified intervals. Once the SOS function will be active,the phone will be switched into simulation of discharged phone and the muggers wont know that the phone is still working. The content of the text SMS, may also be configured. Alert function will be available only when using AVIADOR tracker wallet application. Meanwhile, the tracker feature will be available whilst using other applications.

Important Disclaimer: By submitting your contribution you agree that all questions and communication related to this project, contribution and transactions is to be directed to and handled by the project team ONLY ( You further agree that no other party is liable for the contributions or any communication. By sending your contribution it is legally binding that you have read and consent to this disclaimer. 

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