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ATEX Lourdes shape up ribbon charge

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89.99 $89.99

Lourdes shape-up ribbon charge AX-KXL 5202 cd

Product features

Effectively stimulate the muscles in four modes by frequency!

Equipped with a high-frequency program that reaches the inner muscle (deep-sea line) existing in the back of the body. It stimulates the muscle more strongly and efficiently with a complex stimulus of low frequency to high frequency. Up to eight levels of strength adjustment are also possible.


EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation 電気的筋肉刺激)とは、筋肉に微弱な電流を流すことによって、「収縮」と「弛緩」を繰り返し、自分の意思とは関係なくトレーニングができる技術です。

Repeatable USB rechargeable

Rechargeable without battery replacement. You can train anywhere smartly regardless of location.(Approximately 35 times of use with charging for about 2 hours)

Gel sheet size up by 130%

Sheet size is up by 130% compared to conventional products. It has become possible to stimulate a wide range efficiently.


Effective training area learned from experts

Osaka University of Physical Education supervised by Professor Ishikawa, stuck on the part you want to train, such as stomach, thigh, upper arm, hip, etc, you can easily train.

A supple and flexible sheet of soft leather material

For 1.5 mm thin gel sheet, use soft leather gently along the body from the beginning of use.

Slim storage case

Package, storage case convenient to carry!

Automatic off timer

Safe and safe design that automatically stops in about 5 minutes.

Gel sheet

Approximately 100 times * Can be used The contact gel sheet lasts long and is economical. ※ The lifespan may become short due to degree of water wiping, condition of the skin and storage condition.

Product Description Video

Lourdes Shape Up Ribbon Charge Concept Movie ( 4) (2.12 GB)

Lourdes Shape Up Ribbon Charge PV (AX - KXL 5202 4) (59 MB)

Lourdes Shape Up Ribbon Charge Exercise Movie (AX - KXL 5202 4) (195 MB)

Lourdes shape-up ribbon charge exclusive gel sheet AX-KXL 5203

Product features

how to use

Please use the optional EMS main body attached to the gel sheet. 
※ The lifespan may become short due to degree of water wiping, condition of the skin and storage condition.

Product spec

Item name Lourdes shapeup ribbon charge
Part number AX-KXL 5202 cd
JAN 4948731020873
price 8,000 yen (excluding tax)
specification Material ■: Body: ABS resin gel sheet: polyurethane, PET, carbon
■ Output frequency: 3 Hz / 30 Hz / 3000 Hz / 10000 Hz
■ Continuous use: (About) 3 hours
■ Charging time: (About) 2 hours
■ Timer: (Approx) 5 minutes Auto OFF
■ Accessories: USB cable
■ Set contents: Main body × 2, gel sheet × 2
Producing countries ■: China
Size / Weight ■ Body size: (About) W 145 x L 85 x H 15 mm
■ Body Weight: (Approx.) 30 g (body, gel sheet 1 set)
Packing specification Dressing box
■ Size: (About) W235 × L125 × H 20 mm
Weight ■: (Approx) 200 g
6 pieces outer box
■ Size: (About) W245 × L140 × H140 mm
Weight ■: (About) 1.5 kg
24 pieces outer box
■ Size: (Approx.) W295 * L260 * H315 mm
Weight ■: (About) 5.5 kg

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