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AstroAI Ice Scrapers for Car Windshield

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26.99 $26.99


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ice scraper


The AstroAI snow brush and ice scraper with squeegee is durable enough to hold up in any winter weather.

Equipped with a 180-degree rotating head allows you to set the brush at the 4 angles optimum position.

The snow brush easily removes snow and ice from the car windshield, top, and hood. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier to use.

The snow scraper is equipped with comfortable grips for a more delightful touch yet lightweight enough for easy mobility.

ice scraper
ice scraper


“For All of Life’s Adventures” is more than a slogan for us; it’s a lifestyle and core philosophy. AstroAI supports the adventurer within and we encourage our customers to take risks and push the envelope.

We don’t choose products based on market interests or fancy analytics. We develop tools and products for ourselves and our customers based on real-world needs and expectations.

3 in 1 Ice Scraper and Snow Brush with Squeegee

The AstroAI 3-in-1 Snow Brush and Ice Scraper with Squeegee is a unique and essential tool that has been designed to make your driving life easier during the freezing winter months by effortlessly and effectively removing snow, frost and ice on your car windshield, roof and entire chassis; it's also perfectly effective for cleaning the snow, frost and ice off of a building's roofs, windows, and doors.

  • 180 degree pivoting Brush Head
  • 62.4 inch Extendable Rod
  • Layered Bristles
  • Detachable and Removable Ice Scraper
  • Patented Joint Buckle Design
snow brushsqueegeepivotingie scraper

Layered Bristles

The specially designed layered bristles allow you to brush the snow off of your car without the worry of scratching. It is made from the very highest quality ABS plastic and PVC filaments and can resist temperatures up to -40 degrees to give you thousands of hours of trouble-free snow clearing.

Silicone and Safety Squeegee

The unique squeegee design is integrated with the snow brush making it easy to use. The silicone squeegee is more durable and does not damage the body. Different from other rubber or sponge materials, our high-quality squeegee can better help you clean and protect your car.

180° Pivoting Head

The unique snow brush utilizes a 180-degree pivoting head which allows you to brush away snow from any angle. You can lock the brush at a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal (a unique feature) depending on your snow-clearing needs.

Quickly Break & Scrape Away Ice

The brush features a flat ice scraper and ice breaker jaws. Use the jaws to break up the ice, then use the scraper to remove it. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier use.

ice scraperice scrapergrip

Patented Joint Buckle Design

The patented joint buckle design secures your tool firmly and also allows for the easy dismantling of the product. Made of top-quality material for longevity, this tool will last for thousands of uses.

Easy to Storage

The AstroAI ice scraper/snow windshield brush could not be easier to store as it breaks down into 3 smaller sections allowing it to fit perfectly into the storage bag provided.

Comfortable Foam Grip

The comfortable and warm foam grip makes sure that your ice and snow clearing tasks are as comfortable as possible. Especially designed and made from a soft and elastic EVA sponge, the grip is of the utmost quality and offers a high degree of comfort.

ice scraper

The AstroAI snow brush and ice scraper can be disassembled for every part, and you can use the snow brush and ice shovel freely at the same time.

The disassembly and installation steps are very simple and easy to operate.

The detachable parts also make the brush compact and super easy to store in your car, truck or garage.


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