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APHROS Face Mask

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Small face correction face mask to solve problemsSmall face correction face mask developed by the osteopathic clinic who also performs professional athlete

What is Aphros Face Mask?

Afros Face Mask

Aphros Face Mask is a groundbreaking face mask that encourages meguri in the body and prepares the skin. We incorporate our original ore (quartz · tourmaline etc ores) in the mask. Ultrafine vibration of the ore stimulates the acupuncture pointsconnected to the skull and the face, leading to a small face. 
Developed based on the vast amount of data of direct Orthopedic Osteopathic "Health Inpatient"
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Developed based on the vast amount of data of direct Orthopedic Osteopathic "Health Inpatient"
Orthopedic clinic developed

Arts Co., Ltd., which developed the Afros Face Mask, faced the troubles of 340,000 people in the direct clinic of Osteopathic " Okayamain ", and based on that data, "How can you solve your troubles" every day · I have repeated experiments. Thanks to our balanced insole that gathered its technologies, we have gained tremendous support and have made a huge hit. 

Aphrous face mask that generously put on those techniques cultivated up to now and completed . Afros series is also a top hit series using top athletes. "We are thinking that we can face healthy beauty because we are a company that really thinks about the body." 

※ Afrosu Inc. Arts Co., Ltd. is the name of all brand products developed for the purpose of "strengthening exercise capacity, maintaining a normal posture, maintaining a healthy body."
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Afros Face Mask Mechanism
Face mask mechanism
Face mask
Small face - Bone care - 
The skull is made of 23 bones, and the sutures (bone-to-bone boundaries) open and close at an average of 8 cycles per minute.Correct the bone to the correct position by the action of Aphros ore. 

Rejuvenate tension on small face 
There are many points of presence in the body even if it is said as a key point universally. Among them, we pick out the necessary points and stimulate that point with the grain that formed "Afros ore", leading to a small face.
An orbit hole 
The anterior surface of the maxilla, a hole under the lower orbit of the maxilla, under the orbital nerve and the orbit and vein pass through.
Otogai Hole 
A hole in the front of the mandible, located at the position of the second premolar of the mandible, directly connected to the cranial nerve.
"Aphros ore blending" 
Afros ore
Afros ore " embedded inside the face mask is one developed by our company, which is a natural blend of quartz and other natural ores. Transmission of force is smooth with ultra-fine vibration of the ore. Various effects can be expected, such as improvement of basic body temperature and elimination of waste liquid stagnation. 
Afros ore※The photograph is an image
"Measurement result conforming to JIS" 
Afros ore is a large hit series It is also used for balance insole and balance band, original ore which made chips and tourmaline into chips. These "Aphros ore" measurements are measured by a measurement method in accordance with JIS-B-9929. 

Measurement conforming to jis
"Skull examination and body temperature change" 
In the comparison by thermograph, it can be confirmed that body temperature rises before use and after use. In the skull examination using the finger, the head got smaller as the fingers that did not stick before the mask were mounted overlapped after use. 

"Change in skin seen with microscope" 
Before use it can be confirmed that the dry skin has changed to a skin with moisture after use. 

After installation

Please realize the effect

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Q How long do you feel?
A After wearing the mask, you can feel it in about 15 seconds to 1 minute or so. There are individual differences ※.
Q Does the ore rust or deteriorate?
A We are using, such as crystal, tourmaline etc. We use only natural ore so there is no sabi thing.
Q Can I use it in the bath?
A I can do it. You can use it more effectively.
Q Can you use it as it is after makeup? What about care after use?
A Please be sure to drop your make-up before use. The quality of cosmetics may change due to the action of ore. I will recommend a washing face after use.
Q Is there an effective way to use it?
A Please use about 5 minutes while taking a half bath. The effect is proportional to usage time.
Q How to maintain the face mask?
A Hand wash with lukewarm water, please take a shade of the sun with a clean cloth.

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