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ANGFA Scalp-D Shampoo

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[Our conventional products]

[Products released in 2019]

Soymilk fermentation broth 100isoflavones in fermented soymilk 180 * 1
Scalp D ingredient for scalp and hair care 4 types 7 types * 2
(New combination of triple hold ingredients)
Hari and Kosi ingredients 5 types 6 types * 3
(New hydrolyzed silk formulation)

* 1 When our conventional product (medical scalp O shampoo NK13) is 100

* 2 Oat extract, Ghetto leaf extract, Melissa extract, Cascon extract, Fermented soymilk, Chlorella extract, Elderberry extract (all wetting agents)

* 3 Hydrolyzed silk solution, glyceryl-N- (2-methacryloyloxyethyl) carbamate / stearyl methacrylate copolymer, hydrolyzed keratin solution, hydroxypropyl chitosan, N- [2-hydroxy-3- (lauryldimethylammonio) chloride Propyl] potato decomposition keratin (all wetting agents), palm oil fatty acid hydrolysis keratin potassium solution (cleaning agent)

With medicated shampoo
Prepare the scalp environment

Medicinal shampoo [quasi-drug] has active ingredients such as "keep scalp clean".
Scalp D medicated shampoo removes sebum stains that impede the penetration of hair growth and hair growth agents.


A new era for the scalp .

Reincarnation, 13th time.
The reason for the continued evolution is Scalp D is in original product development.
Anfer, who began researching shampoos that prepare the scalp environment in 1999,
So far, we have faced a total of 1.9 million scalp.
Feedback the accumulated knowledge to new technologies,
It has evolved into the Scalp D that the times demand.
20 years in pursuit of scalp health. A design that meets your wishes.
Scalp D is now starting a new era.

Scalp D shampoo

3 special features

  • Scalp D nucleus

    "Scalp D ingredient"

  • Clean up while keeping moisture

    "Amino D wash" combination

  • Increased volume of hair

    "Hari / Koshiup ingredients

Scalp D core"Scalp D component"

Keep your hair and head hair healthy Contains "triple hold ingredient * 1 " .
Discerning head care ingredients work on the head.

* 1 Oat extract, Ghetto leaf extract, Melissa extract

Keep your hair and scalp healthy

"Amino D wash" thatcleans up while keeping moisture* 1Formulation

Because it contains  same ingredients * 2  Removes extra dirt while keeping the moisturizer moist.
A cleansing ingredient that balances high cleanability and maintenance of the barrier function.

* 1 N-lauroyl-L-sodium aspartate solution * 2 Isopalmitic acid

Increasedhair volume with new ingredients

If your hair has elasticity, Makes a more voluminous impression.
Scalp D contains 6 kinds of firmness and stiffness.
This time, by newly adding “Kazuki decomposition silk liquid” * 1 ,
We realized a further increase in volume.


Forming a smooth and strong film with an extract obtained by hydrolyzing silkworm silkworm silk fibers,  Gives the hair firmness and firmness.

* 1 Wetting agent

* 2 Cleaning agent

* 3 Glyceryl-N- (2-methacryloyloxyethyl) Carbamate / stearyl methacrylate copolymer (wetting agent)

* 4 N- [2-hydroxy-3- (lauryldimethylammonio) propyl] chloride decomposed keratin (wetting agent)

Choose according to your scalp

3 types of shampoo

Choose the scalp D that matches your head type.

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Moisturizing power
Hari Kosi of hair
Finished image Increase volume to hardware Supple volume increase Soft volume up
fragrance A refreshing eucalyptus herb A refreshing eucalyptus herb A refreshing eucalyptus orange

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