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Ampere wireless charging sleeve

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119 $119.00

Join us to hit our FINAL GOAL of $85,000 in 72 HOURS! (Upgrades included)

Free upgrade #1: Back pocket for card access!
Free upgrade #1: Back pocket for card access!
Free upgrade #2: Magnetic USB to stay fuss-free!
Free upgrade #2: Magnetic USB to stay fuss-free!

It's projected that by the close of 2015 there will be billions of people using smartphones worldwide, but most will still be using unattractive external batteries and messy, tangle prone cables for power. At Novelsys, we decided to reinvent the entire charging process with Ampere- the (world's first) smart wireless charging sleeve. Here's how:

Wires are a hassle. With Ampere, simply slide your smartphone into the sleeve to charge. There's no alignment necessary and charging works every time. It's that easy.

We understand wireless charging may not be as efficient as plugging in to your wall outlet. For the times you need a superfast boost (4 x faster than standard USB laptop output) plug in our USB charger and GO!

Use your device even while charging

This is the only charger that knows it's 2015. Connect your charger to your phone to automate and simplify your charging experience. Let us show you how charging can be better.

Available free for iOS and Android. Ampere works even without the app.

100% Genuine Cowhide Leather

Chargers are generally boring or too masculine. Ampere looks and feels unlike any other charger. Once you get it in your hand, you're going to love it. We achieved this through innovative material sourcing. By recycling the excess material from premium automotive upholstery, we're able to make Ampere at an incredible nexus of quality and value.

As avid Kickstarter backers ourselves, we're all too aware of the challenges hardware projects face. That might explain why even before launch we have ordered components for our first batch. Yes. Even before you guys have backed us, we have backed our money on you! Because sometimes you beautiful people deserve to be rewarded.

Supports Qi Electromagnetic Inductive Charging: because alignment is important to wireless charging, only the above devices have been optimised to deliver maximum efficiency. Ampere may work with other models, but we have not tested them to the standards we are satisfied with.

Is your smartphone not compatible with Ampere? Will Ampere be able to fit your case?Let us know what you'd like to see us support via Reddit.

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