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Ampere Wireless Charging Phone Sleeve

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Quick overview


Ampere is the world's first phone sleeve that truly enables wireless charging on-the-go. Its electromagnetic induction coils are powered by a 2,700 mAh battery to keep your smartphone going all day.

Just slide your phone into the sleeve to charge: there's no alignment necessary and charging works every time. Need to use your phone? Simply place it over Ampere to charge.

For the first time, you'll have a unique mobile app that communicates with Ampere via the latest Bluetooth Low Energy. Control when Ampere begins charging your phone and automate your charging experience seamlessly. Track the battery life of your phone and Ampere precisely in hours and minutes. And there's so much more. Ampere works even without the app, so your charging experience can be customised to fit you.

Ampere’s easily-accessible USB ports enable you to recharge the sleeve and charge up to two devices simultaneously. With a fast USB charging speed of 5V/2.0A, you can also power your tablets when you urgently need more power.

Ampere looks and feels unlike any other charger. We're proud to share with you that Ampere is made of 100% genuine cowhide leather. This is achieved using an innovative approach to material sourcing: by recycling the excess material from premium automotive upholstery, we're able to make Ampere of the highest quality, at the best value you deserve.

* Ampere can tolerate thin TPU cases, such as the one in the iPhone photo above. However, this will differ on a case by case basis and Novelsys cannot at this moment make any assurances for cases thicker than those pictured.


As avid Kickstarter backers ourselves, we're all too aware of the challenges hardware projects face. That might explain why even before launch we have ordered components for our first batch. Yes. Even before you guys have backed us, we have backed our money on you! Because sometimes you beautiful people deserve to be rewarded.

Be a part of our product development and have a look at how we've put Ampere together:

At Novelsys, we empower our users. That's why even before launch, we've taken strides to build the Amps community, a group of our closest supporters who've helped us develop and refine Ampere to where it is today. Ampere already reinvents the charging experience, but it can do so much more. That's why we've come to Kickstarter: because we want you to join us too.

It is going to be a tough journey. But with your support and advice, we will make Ampere a reality, together.


To ensure that we deliver, we have obtained several manufacturer quotes for every Ampere component. The costs are broken down broadly above. Naturally the injection mold tooling and the Electronics PCBA are the largest expenses.

It is likely that we'll be able to find more cost effective suppliers than those currently listed, however these provide a reasonable basis for determining a ceiling on our funding. We've also added risk mitigation factors to account for other variables along the way and any unforeseen costs to help with the Kickstarter failed payments and issues fixing or remaking our injection mold tooling may incur unforeseen costs.

Do note that we place our trustworthiness and accountability above all and it is our responsibility to ensure that your product gets delivered to our highest standards. We are a Singaporean technology startup, which is supported by a top university in Asia, along with a few hardware incubators along with Focustech Ventures.

We are also supported by a few government grants, and an internationally renowned Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and Production house – We Are Perspective (under the PEZY group) and are actively seeking a next round of seed funding to fund our development efforts along with our backers crowd-funding. We will continue to update you on all ends, in terms of our startup’s progress and we thank you for coming along this journey with us.




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