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Ajinomoto KK Okayu

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"Ajinomoto KK Okayu" series that you can eat immediately when you want to eat. We introduce the recommended usage scene.

  • On a dietOn a diet
  • In emergency foodIn emergency food
  • For overseas travelFor overseas travel
  • For climbing and hikingFor climbing and hiking
  • For baby foodFor baby food
Commitment to rice porridge

Commitment to raw materials


All products use Shimizu from the Southern Alps. In addition, we remove oxygen which causes quality deterioration from the fresh water and make porridge.

■ What is the Southern Alps? 
Common name for the Akaishi Mountains. A range of mountains running north to south across the three prefectures of Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka. 
The highest peak is Mt. Kitatake at an altitude of 3192 meters.


The rice of "Ajinomoto KKOkayu" uses domestic Koshihikari.

※ <Azuki-gyu> only "Hokkaido Kirara" used

  • plum

    Use thick plum radish carefully grown in the contract farm whole.

  • egg

    Use only safe eggs from contract farms.

  • salmon

    I baked the natural red omelet with fragrant fire.

  • brown rice

    Use only domestic brown rice.

  • Azuki

    Use Hokkaido azuki beans.

Super barley


Super barley "BarymaxTM" is barley developed by the Australian Federal Institute of Scientific Industrial Research. 
It is a super food that contains about twice the total dietary fiber as compared to common barley. 
It contains three dietary fibers (fructan, beta-glucan, resistant starch) and reaches the back of the intestine .

Commitment to containers (pouches)

"Ajinomoto KK rice porridge" 
Hakugayu: We use containers (pouches) that use "deoxygenated packaging materials". 
Super barley sauce: We use container (pouch) corresponding to microwave oven.

Deoxygenated water + Deoxygenated packing material = "Ajinomoto KK rice porridge"

Deoxygenated packing material

What is deoxidized packaging material?

A heat-resistant packaging material with a film layer that adsorbs oxygen in products that reduce flavor and freshness. (Patented)

Commitment to the process

The “Ajinomoto KK Okayu” series is cooked using the recipe learned from “Making in a clay pot,” which is said to cook rice porridge most deliciously.

Rice porridge

Why do you cook pot?
Among the ways of making rice porridge, cooking with a clay pot is considered to be the most delicious way to cook rice porridge.
What is the secret of delicious pot cooking?
1: To release the air in the pot 
At the time of cooking, the oxygen that causes the deterioration of the flavor of the rice is removed from the double hole, so it tastes good and plump. 

2: Passing heat thoroughly 
Heat is transmitted to the inside by the thickness of the pot. This slight temperature change makes it easy for water to penetrate rice. 
It has a plump finish with the original sweetness and aroma of rice.

Red sweet potato

"AJI-NO-MOTO KK rice porridge" with hot red soy sauce 250g

"AJI-NO-MOTO KK rice porridge" with hot red soy sauce 250g 

Japanese Koshihikari is a hot spring boiled red pepper cooked with plenty of fragrant baked sweet potato.

Raw material name
Milled rice (domestic), koji flakes, koji extract, salt, soy sauce, wulme seaweed extract / condiment (amino acids etc.), (including some wheat, salmon and soy beans)
Internal capacity
Nutritional component
One person (250 g) nutrition ingredient indication energy: 98 kcal, protein: 3.8 g, lipid: 0.75 g, carbohydrate: 19 g, salt equivalent: 1.3 g
Allergic substance
Wheat, salmon, soy
Manufacturing plant
Ajinomoto Group Knorr Foods Co., Ltd. Tokai Works (Shizuoka Prefecture) 
[Manufacturing plant from April 2019] 
Ajinomoto Foods Co., Ltd. Shizuoka Plant (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Production area of ​​main raw materials Milled rice (Japan)

Ajinomoto KK white is boiled

White flower
We cooked plumply in Shimizu from the Southern Alps.

Chicken and green onion Chinese style bowl

Chicken and green onion Chinese style bowl (Recipe with chicken breast + small green onion)

Easy arrangement of Ajinomoto KK white!

Cooking time5minutes
Nutritional information (for one person)
  • ・ Energy 99 kcal
  •  12.8 g of protein
  • Salt 1.9 g
  • ・ Vegetable intake 0 g

100 kcal

Ajinomoto KK egg is boiled

Yuko Egg
I added the soft egg of the attention and cooked it with a Japanese-style stock.

Tofu and seaweed egg

Tofu and seaweed egg soup (silk tofu + green onion chopped recipe)
Cooking time5minutes

  • microwave
Nutritional information (for one person)
  • ・ Energy 176 kcal
  • ・ Protein 7.5 g
  •  1.7 g of salt
  • ・ Vegetable intake 5 g

material (For one person)

"Ajinomoto KK rice porridge" with egg
1 bag
Green paste
1 tablespoon
Silken tofu · 1/6
Chopped green onion
"AJINOMOTO Sesame oil like sesame oil"
1 teaspoon

How to make

  1. 1

    Put "Okayu" in the bowl and mix the green paste. 
    Place the tofu with a spoon, heat it in a microwave oven (600 W) for about 2 minutes with a wrap, place the onion, and sprinkle with sesame oil.

110 kcal

Ajinomoto KK Azukiyu

Azuki gayu
We added azuki from Hokkaido and cooked it plumply. 

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