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Surf the backyard on the revolutionary Slopedeck snowskate
Patent-pending Morphteck Bases and dual-density shock absorption make Slopedecks the most nimble snowskate around.  For skatepark-style riding or backyard fun the Slopedeck is the tool of choice.  Quick turning, intuitive, lightweight -- with solid carving in all snow conditions -- you'll finally get that skateboard/surf feel you've been yearning for.

  • The idea of surfing on snow has been around for decades.  Snowboarding and snowskates offer up their own unique dynamics, but they still don't capture the flow and elemental feel of surfing.  Powder Surfing and "Noboarding" are the closest we've come to surfing on snow.  They're great fun, but unfortunately they're limited to powder.  Thus we endeavored to design a board that captures the true essence of surfing and skateboarding in a broader range of snow conditions.
After a great deal of  research and testing we designed what sets the Slopedeck apart from other snowskates:  Morphteck Bases.  These unique patent-pending
bases are comprised of an offset narrow base coupled with CNC machined arced grooves.  These unique features make Slopedecks unbelievably nimble, while giving you that surfy feel you always wanted.

Agog Sports, Inc. is dedicated to producing unique high quality sports products.  Slopedecks turn a thirty foot hill and two inches of snow into a veritable playground. 


 " It feels just like a skateboard!" - Seth Oosthuizen:
"I've ridden a lot of snowskates and Slopedecks are definitely the most controllable"- Dylan Roberts

 " This is definitely something different - just right for the urban environment" -Keith Barrens
 "About as good as it gets for backyard fun" - Scott Jeffries
"Gotta love that elemental skateboardy feel" - Thomas Hill
 "I had no idea it would carve so well!"- Steve Anderson

1) How does the SlopeDeck carve so well?
The arced grooves on the Morphteck base create the carving dynamic.  When the edges are engaged the arced grooves dictate the radius of the turn.

2) What ages and abilities are best suited to the SlopeDeck?
Four years old to adult, any weight and skill level.  The SlopeDeck is very intuitive to ride, as it has the feel of a skateboard or surfboard more than a snowboard.

3) Can I do flip tricks on the SlopeDeck?
Yes, and you will find the base and resilient spacer provide more pop.

4) Can I use the SlopeDeck at ski resorts?
Generally not - most ski areas require snowskates with metal edges.

5) Does the SlopeDeck track as well as bi-deck snowskates with metal edges?
Yes, due to the orientation of the grooves in the Morphteck base, the Slopedeck tracks like it's on rails.

6) How does the Slopedeck differ from bi-deck snowskates?
Bi-deck snowskates are much more expensive due to the separate ski and hardware needed to attach the ski to the base. They are also much heavier, higher off the snow, and more difficult to ride.

7) Do I need a leash for the deck?
If you'd like to attach one there are holes at the tip and tail for this purpose.   Please contact us if you would like to buy a leash.  They are $10.00.

Since Slopedecks are made by hand there may be slight cosmetic variability.

As with all winter sports, using a Slopedeck is hazardous.  Always wear a helmet and exercise common sense.  Stay off roads and away from cars and hard fixed objects!  Use a leash as necessary.

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