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Acetino head spa lift

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139 $139.00

Acetino head spa lift

Thank you very much. 
Cumulative number of series exceeded 2 million!

※ accumulated sales of the Acetino series from February 2011 to July 2017

Aesthetic attention degree No.1 Acetino head spa lift 2018 BA trend research institute investigation

Two crown achievement! Beauty professional attention degree No.1!

* 2018 BA Trend Research Institute research

Do you know?

Is that trouble, scalp possible?

The scalp and face are connected by a piece of skin. Recently my face is tired? Such troubles may come from the scalp. By hardening the scalp, not only the youthfulness of the hair will be lost, but it will also cause the face of impression that has been touched.

Head Spa + Lift Care

Both head spa and lift care are this one! 
Approach to scalp and face with two esthetic procedures

The stagnation of your face is due to a stiff scalp. Since the scalp and face are connected by a single skin, the impression of the whole face will change by care of the scalp. To the face of a refreshing impression with a comfortable movement which reproduced the two technologies of "head grasping mound" and "picking up" of head spa salon.



Forty-eight silicone brushes tightly adhere to the scalp, stimulating the scalp as much as 57,600 times per minute. Like a professional hand technique, we raise the scalp three-dimensionally.


Pick up

Attachment which reproduced human's finger. By gathering like pinching along the face line, we will tighten your skin. In addition to your face, you can also use it for decollete, neck, temple and so on.

Volume Care

Volume care with scalp washing

Silicon brushes with fine protrusions scrape the hair and peel off the sebum dirt that stuck in the back of the pores. 
Hair rises from the root, making a youthful impression. With the tapping function floating the pore dirt, it removes.

Water Proof

Waterproof specifications that can be used in a bath

It is waterproof and is also used in the bath. 
Cleaning of the pores of the scalp with care while doing shampoo is also refreshing. 
Caring while warming will alleviate feelings.

How To Use

How to use 2WAY


Head spa

I attach a scalp attachment. Select the speed. While slowly moving, it scrapes the entire scalp. You can use it while shampooing. 
① Pull up from the hairline to the top of the head. 
② Slide from the top of the head towards the neckline.


Face care

I attach a face attachment. Select the speed. Lightly hit it to move your face up along the face line.

Pro's Voice

Also recommend professional aestheticians!

Head therapist Maki Maekawa

Head spa specialty store "Make a Wish Ginza / Omotesando" representative 
Head therapist Maki Maekawa

The head and face are connected by a single skin. Those who feel a lot of everyday stress and fatigue tend to harden as their head gathers. If you keep the scalp on the skin, your skin loses elasticity and your face will fall further and steadily. That is why it is very important to crush the scalp and soften it. 

Head spa not only cleanses the scalp but also softens your head, it also leads to lift care. 
It is a personal opinion.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the name?

Origin of the name is a combination of "Ace" meaning the most in English and "Tino" meaning skillful in Spanish.

How often should I use one day?

Approximately 5 minutes per site, use for a total of 30 minutes a day is a standard.

Can you use it in the bath?

Yes.It is waterproof equivalent to IPX7 so you can use it even in a bathtub.
Please wipe off moisture well after use and keep it in a dry condition.

Please tell me the charging time.

Approximately 30 minutes continuous use is possible with about 3 hours of charging.

Please tell me how to clean.

First rinse off the dirt and hair attached to the main unit, remove the attachment.
Remove the attachment from the frame and use the diluted neutral detergent to remove the dirt attached to the attachment and frame, then rinse with water.
Finally, with a dry cloth such as a towel, wipe off the moisture of the main body, attachment, frame and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

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