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The 360cam is equipped with features that distinguish it from any other product on the market.

Universal mounting capabilities, allowing for true hands-free usage.

The 360cam is equiped with many sensors (GPS, Gyroscope, Microphones,...) & interfaces (Wifi, MicroSD, Micro USB,...)  to make it truly versatile and fit any use.

The 360cam is the first of its kind to immediately capture within the camera the highest quality 360° video and photos.

The 360cam is equipped with both MicroSD card storage and WiFi connectivity allowing for multifunctional use.

 You get to choose the mode that best suits your needs.

Quick & Easy Capture

The 360cam uses standard file formats & protocols.

  • Live Video mode transforms the 360cam to an IP cam streaming live 360 view over RTSP protocol
  • Video mode outputs are MP4 files encoded in h.264, with your choice of 25 or 30 frames per seconds
  • Photo mode outputs are JPG files

Quick & Easy Editing and Sharing

No difference than with any other cameras.

  • No extra or proprietary processing needed to view the files
  • Uses standard video editors to build movies and standard photo editors to enhance images
  • Use any free players available online, or, for the best result, dowload our own player for our website
  • Post anywhere, create your own street view with our Google Photosphere compatible GPS geotagging feature

The 360cam files are standard equirectangular projections, compatible with most 360° video & photo players (KRpano, Kolor Eyes,...). For the best 360cam experience, download our proprietary players.

Mobile & tablets

Use your mobile or tablet to fully experience 360cam immersive content. Available for iOS & Android
Use your mobile or tablet to fully experience 360cam immersive content. Available for iOS & Android


Click and interact to look up, down and all around. Create your own experience. Available on Mac & PC
Click and interact to look up, down and all around. Create your own experience. Available on Mac & PC

Virtual Reality

Strap on your VR mask to step into 360° virtual reality. Compatible with Oculus Rift
Strap on your VR mask to step into 360° virtual reality. Compatible with Oculus Rift

To fully enjoy the 360cam videos and photos, please download our iOS or Android application:


When we ship the 360cam to you, the pakage also includes:

  • USB cable 
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery 
  • Hand strap
  • Pouch to carry your 360cam everyday
  • Quick start guide

Downloadable for free:

  • 360cam Mobile & tablets app, availble for iOS and Android
  • 360cam Desktop video player, available for Mac and PC
  • 360cam Oculus Rift video player 

360 cam technical specifications:

Remote control app

The WiFi capability of the 360cam allows the remote control via your mobile / tablet devices (Android & iOS). The remote control app will give you access to the following options :

  • GPS: Turn On / Off
  • Gyroscope: Turn On / Off
  • Photo mode settings: HDR / Timer / Timelapse
  • Video mode settings: 25/30 fps

The 360cam app can be used a view finder when recording video or taking pictures. Its remote control funtionality enables to select and view the recorded images stored on the microSD card.

As soon as we take the 360cam out of our pocket to demo it, people tell us the many ways they would use it.  They have inspired us to create accessories for special purposes, whether it is for sharing special memories of a day at the beach, or keeping an eye on your office or your home, or even professionally broadcasting a live event in 360°.

We’ve created Kickstarter packages that include some of these accessories to meet your needs.

Underwater Lens Cups

The 360cam is waterproof (IPX8 rated) but as know, mixing optics with water are not good friends. Water creates image distortion and reduces the field of view. Our 360cam goggle to the rescue!

Our mini-goggles are made of optical grade plastic and are enclosed in a blue rubber mask. They keep the lenses well protected from the water. Easy to attach and practically weightless.

Clip them instantly to your 360cam before going into the water.


Ethernet (POE) Video Streaming Base

For professional broadcasters you can easily stream a unique live concert or event to those unlucky ones who couldn’t make it. It isalso ideal for professional  video surveillance providing full 360° view 24/7.

Our 360cam is equipped with a WiFi antenna. In an environment where wireless can be dependable, just switch the battery base to the ethernet video streaming base to allow a steady, reliable and high speed connection.

The ethernet video streaming base is POE ready. It's easy to set up, with no need to bring an extra power source to the camera. Professional video streaming at full throttle!


Light Bulb Adaptor

Setup a home video surveillance system without aneed for messy cables, to keep an eye on the kids or the pets in the next room, or to monitor your home and office while you are away.

The 360cam WiFi capability allows real-time seamless streaming to your mobile, tablet or cloud video surveillance service. The Light Bulb Adaptor provides direct power to the 360cam, enabling full speed WiFi connectivity to your home network or device.

Easy setup - install it like a regular light bulb. This accessory is 115/230 volt compatible.

Use the 360cam with your app or your own hardware.

In developer mode, the 360cam provides access to several camera controls.

Develop new business opportunities by integrating your software or hardware attachment with the 360cam.  Examples: 

  • A 360° video conferencing service.  
  • A surveillance security system.
  • A webcam service. 
  • A patient monitoring system in a hospital.

Your imagination is the only limit to uing the 360cam. 
Our software developer’s kit includes:

  • 360cam desktop video player object code
  • 360cam app object code (for iOS and Android devices)
  • 360cam player Oculus Rift object code

Our hardware developer’s kit includes:

  • The entire software developer kit
  • The 360cam base 3D model
  • The 360cam base connectivity schematic
  • 15 hours of 360cam firmware tunning done by our engineers
  • Access to our engineering team to answer your questions

Our Kickstarter launch is building a community of 360° innovators, developing new usages and applications. 

Together, let’s push the envelope. Maybe we'll even push to see beyond 360°.

We’ve been working on 360° imagery for several years, developing 360° solutions for the business market.

Our customers inspired us to create a new generation of a 360° camera - the one that would respond to today’s needs of real time video streaming, Full HD unrestricted 360° field of view, simple to operate and versatile to use.  

We believe that the time is right to bring the richness of the 360° experience to the consumer market, and to make high quality 360° cameras available to everybody.

To make this happens we had to rethink the entire optical and electronic design and processes.  Instead of using off-the-shelf lenses, we developed our own three 185º fish-eye lenses that capture the broadest field of view in the industry. Instead of having stitching occur on a computer, like most 360° cameras, we developed on own on-chip stitching algorithms that allow immediate creation of .mp4 or .jpg files inside the camera.  We also designed a variety of accessories to allow the use of our technology in different conditions, to make it truly versatile.

Now, that the technological challenges are behind us, we are facing the next challenge of bringing the 360cam into the hands of everybody. That’s why we need your support.

Our Kickstarter is about connecting with you, 360° enthusiasts, to share our invention and hear your feedback. Become a part of our team and travel with us on our exciting journey to bring the 360cam into the lives of everyone.

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